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FileKit is an end-to-end encrypted file storage service for apps.

FileKit stores and transfers files in the cloud. The files are encrypted in the browser before being uploaded, and can be downloaded only by the owner and recipients, completely transparently.

It wraps Tanker Core and Tanker VerificationUI in a single easy-to-use to use package
encrypted  file 
7 weeks ago by 8sNtXb2WMVuL4FWFzdBop4jFFWRQDf
PureForm: Diary - Your Digital Diary
Beautiful, Safe and Secure - Diarly is designed so that you can focus on journaling. Pure in its form, powerful in its functions. Alternative to DayOne.
journal  markdown  encrypted 
10 weeks ago by christianjunk
GitHub - zboxfs/zbox: Zero-details, privacy-focused in-app file system.
Zero-details, privacy-focused in-app file system. Contribute to zboxfs/zbox development by creating an account on GitHub.
encrypted  file  embedding  filesystem  singlefile  storage  tool  userspace  opensource  floss 
10 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Signal >> Home
secure encrypted messaging app, for device and desktop
message  messaging  app  security  privacy  secure  encrypt  encryption  encrypted  whatsapp  competition 
11 weeks ago by piperh
Managing EFI Boot Loaders for Linux: Controlling Secure Boot
This page is the second of two covering Secure Boot as part of my EFI Boot Loaders for Linux document. If you're a beginner to intermediate user who wants to get Secure Boot working quickly with a popular distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or OpenSuse, I recommend you begin with my first Secure Boot page, Dealing with Secure Boot. This page is written for more advanced users who want to take full control of their Secure Boot features. Reasons to take this type of control are covered in the Why Read This Page? section of this page. The Contents section to the left shows other sections, in case you know enough to know what you want to read.
UEFI  encrypted  boot  secure-boot 
11 weeks ago by 8sNtXb2WMVuL4FWFzdBop4jFFWRQDf
Sear: Signed/Encrypted ARchive: always-encrypted tar-like archive tool with optional signature support
sear is a command-line tool and Rust library for producing tar-like archives containing multiple files and potentially preserving attributes including file ownership, modes/permissions, access control lists, SELinux security contexts, and extended attributes (a.k.a. xattrs).
Encrypted  GPG 
12 weeks ago by aiefel
Mini Diary
Simple and secure journal app
tools  diary  journal  encrypted 
june 2019 by jakobb
Encrypt My Photos
Store pictures in the cloud (like Google Photos),
but in a privacy-friendly and decentralized way thanks to Blockstack technology.
photosharing  photos  storage  encrypted 
june 2019 by pivic

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