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Mueller Biographer: McConnell “Aided And Abetted” Russia’s Attack On The U.S.
Garrett Gaff said of the Republican: “Mitch McConnell aided and abetted the Russian attack on the 2016 election.”
trumpAristocracy  trumpCorruption  governmentIncompetence  endOfTheUSEmpire 
24 days ago by joeybaker
North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate
The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots.
corruptedPolitics  corruption  governmentIncompetence  endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression  endOfTheUSEmpire 
27 days ago by joeybaker
The US and UK have let xenophobia bring them to the brink
The UK still has no Brexit deal, and the US is enduring the longest government shutdown in its history over funding for a border wall.
fearmongering  theTerrorismExcuse  immigration  casteingTheLowerClass  popularUnrest  governmentIncompetence  endOfTheUSEmpire 
8 weeks ago by joeybaker

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