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Maximising the effectiveness of BLDC motor commutation
Short article compares the benefits of different commutation methods
engineering  Reference  motors 
2 days ago by magnusc
Theoretical Amnesia
"A good scientific theory allows you infer what would happen to things in certain situations without creating the situations. Thus, scientific theories are crystal balls that actually work. ... My field – psychology – unfortunately does not afford much of a lazy life. We don’t have theories that can offer predictions sufficiently precise to intervene in the world with appreciable certainty. That’s why there exists no such thing as a psychological engineer. ... For instance, as a field has less theory, it has to leave more to the data. Since you can’t learn anything from data without the armature of statistical analysis, a field without theory tends to grow a thriving statistical community. Thus, the role of statistics grows as soon as the presence of scientific theory wanes. In extreme cases, when statistics has entirely taken over, fields of inquiry can actually develop a kind of philosophical disorder: theoretical amnesia."
science  psychology  engineering 
2 days ago by aapl
MySQL High Availability at GitHub | GitHub Engineering
GitHub uses MySQL as its main datastore for all things non-git, and its availability is critical to GitHub’s operation. The site itself, GitHub’s API, authentication and more, all require database access. We run multiple MySQL clusters serving our different services and tasks. Our clusters use classic master-replicas setup, where a single node in a cluster (the master) is able to accept writes. The rest of the cluster nodes (the replicas) asynchronously replay changes from the master...
mysql  github  highavailability  server  ha  engineering  tech 
2 days ago by xer0x
Angular 6 JWT Authentication with Node.js | Toptal
via Pocket - How to Do JWT Authentication with an Angular 6 SPA Today we’ll have a look at how easy it is to integrate JSON web token (JWT) authentication into your Angular 6 (or later) single-page application (SPA). Let’s start with a bit of background. The easiest and most concise answer here is that they are convenient, compact, and secure.
IFTTT  Pocket  dev  toptal  engineering  blog 
2 days ago by mannieschumpert
[良葛格] 語言技術: Java Essence
你以為問題在這,其實問題不在這。你以為這很難,其實它不難!許多的問題,根源自你不了解 Java 的本質,許多的事,其實從安裝 JDK 開始就要知道。你急著完成 Hello! World!,因而忘了 Java 的本質。你急著飛翔,卻忘了如何起步!
@Column  @Concept  @Reference  Java  Software  Programming  Language  Engineering 
3 days ago by jslu

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