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Uncovering the Secret Powers of MailChimp Employees Through Apprenticeships
One thing I love about working at MailChimp is that so many of my colleagues have secret powers. These often…
mailchimp  engineering 
yesterday by sfriedenberg
We are All Product Owners! An Impact Guide for Engineers*
What you're doing is meaningless unless it aligns with the business' objectives.
engineering  business 
yesterday by danielbachhuber
The En-Gendering Of Genius --
the lingering gender gap shouldn’t be framed in terms of STEM versus non-STEM. ... FAB: Field (specific) Ability Belief. ... the strength of the FABs in a particular field predicts the percentage of women in that field more accurately than other leading hypotheses, including field-specific variation in work-life balance and reliance on skills for systematizing vs. empathizing. In other words, what Cimpian and Leslie found is that the more that success within a field was seen as a function of sheer intellectual firepower, with words such as “gifted” and “genius” not uncommon, the fewer the women. The FAB hypothesis cut cleanly across the STEM/non-STEM divide. "
social  science  job  learning  engineering 
yesterday by configures
The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe - The New York Times
As the Voyager mission is winding down, so, too, are the careers of the aging explorers who expanded our sense of home in the galaxy.
engineering  nasa  space 
2 days ago by micktwomey
How Four Native Developers Wrote An Electron App | GitHub Engineering
As it turns out, building native apps for multiple platforms doesn’t scale.
desktop  engineering  github 
3 days ago by jberkel
The Amphenol Air Quality Dev Kit recently impressed one of our members who took it for a RoadTest:…
Engineering  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by 9600

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