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Welcome to the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering — Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Welcome to the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) is a research institute of the Department of…
science  medicine  biology  engineering  research  university  oxford 
16 hours ago by asaltydog
Breaking Lorentz reciprocity to overcome the time-bandwidth limit in physics and engineering | Science
Telecomms just got a huge breakthrough. But apparently radar guys in the 40's knew about using non-reciprocal resonators to keep EM from pushing back into waveform generators, but never published?
asymmetric  nonreciprocal  high  bandwidth  resonant  waveguide  RF  radio  physics  materials  science  engineering  research  technology  telecommunications  telecomms  antenna 
yesterday by asteroza
London's Tube has been running so long it's literally raising the temperature of the earth around it | CityMetric
London has been running tube trains so long that the ground beneath parts of the city is now as much as 10°C hotter than it was in 1900.
london  tube  underground  tfl  engineering  history  temperature  ventilation 
yesterday by jm
What I learned from my biggest mistake as an F1 engineer | Andrew Latham | Pulse | LinkedIn
From auto racing: if you mess things up, pay attention. You are outside the normal operating parameters, and you MIGHT discover an advantage there, which you can later exploit more safely.
ScientificMethod  science  engineering  via:HackerNews 
yesterday by mcherm
USCSB - YouTube
chemical safety board channel (disasters)
engineering  failure 
2 days ago by ignatz

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