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Looking to make an impact? We're hiring across , , ! Come be a part of our team as we h…
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3 hours ago by neuralmarket
FEMA Engineering Library
This is the access portal to the digital archive that FEMA maintains. It appears that only recent data are available through the portal.
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4 hours ago by dbthompson
Think Julia: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Like mathematicians, computer scientists use formal languages to denote ideas (specifically computations). Like engineers, they design things, assembling components into systems and evaluating tradeoffs among alternatives. Like scientists, they observe the behavior of complex systems, form hypotheses, and test predictions.
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yesterday by janpeuker
On Engineers and Influence –
(Based on yesterday's tweetstorm and the ensuing conversation, Let's talk about influence. As an engineer, how do you get influence? What does influence look like, what is it rooted in, how do you wield it or lose it? How is it different from the power and influence you might have as a manager?[0] This often…
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2 days ago by adragomir

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