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World Maps of the 25 Most Spoken Languages | Far & Wide
Which languages are the most ubiquitous? You may be surprised by the answer.
most  common  languages  english  mandarin  spanish 
10 minutes ago by mysty
The Scholar's Stage: On Adding Phrases to the Language
One of the more important is best grasped with a question: what now adds phrases to the language? Who has taken the poets place? It is not the novelists; I strain to find any who have added a catch phrase since Heller penned Catch-22. Nor is it the rappers, singers, and rock-stars that many claimed have replaced poetry in popular life. What actually replaced poetry was film
literature  movies  poetry  english 
21 hours ago by yorksranter
83. How to Swear in British English -VERY RUDE CONTENT (with James) - YouTube
From the LEP archives - Episode 83. How to Swear in British English. All British Swear Words - Explained. Download the audio here and read the full list of s...
21 hours ago by thx1138
BOLT English Treebank - Discussion Forum - Linguistic Data Consortium
The source data is English discussion forum web text collected by LDC in 2011 and 2012. A subset of that collection -- 702 files representing 268,907 tokens -- was selected for the treebank and annotated for word-level tokenization, part-of-speech and syntactic structure.

Data is presented in a a variety of UTF-8 encoded text formats, specifically, plain text, XML, and Penn Treebank. See the included documentation for more information about specific formats.
corpus  textbook  english  treebank  constituency  penn-annotation  annotation 
21 hours ago by jerid.francom
American Phrase Book
A phrase book aimed to help newcomers to the United States understand the native English better.
book  culture  dictionary  english  funny  humor  immigration  language 
4 days ago by e2b
What Is Bunny Girl Senpai? | First Reaction - YouTube
english  anime 
5 days ago by summerwind

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