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Technology for social good – stopping the poachers and saving the planet with AI, drones and sensors
"Bleeding-edge tech is being put to good use to take on some of the world's biggest conservation crises."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence  use  cases 
yesterday by jonerp
Enterprise PostgreSQL Support & Solutions | Crunchy Data
The trusted open source enterprise PostgreSQL leader providing certified PostgreSQL, support, and cloud-native, Kubernetes-based solutions.
postgresql  commercial  distro  enterprise  certified  kubernetes  docker  blog 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
The new CEO of Google Cloud explains the updated master plan for taking on Amazon Web Services
> "We're going to specialize our sales team to talk to specific industries in the language of the industry," Kurian said. "You will see us competing much more aggressively going forward," he continued.
gcp  enterprise  google 
6 days ago by cote
Apple fails to block porn and gambling “enterprise” apps • Techcrunch
Josh Constine:
<p>Developers simply have to fill out an online form and pay $299 to Apple, as detailed in this guide from Calvium. The form merely asks developers to pledge they’re building an Enterprise Certificate app for internal employee-only use, that they have the legal authority to register the business, provide a D-U-N-S business ID number, and have an up to date Mac. You can easily Google a business’ address details and look up their D-U-N-S ID number with a tool Apple provides. After setting up an Apple ID and agreeing to its terms of service, businesses wait one to four weeks for a phone call from Apple asking them to reconfirm they’ll only distribute apps internally and are authorized to represent their business.

With just a few lies on the phone and web plus some Googleable public information, sketchy developers can get approved for an Apple Enterprise Certificate.

Given the number of policy-violating apps that are being distributed to non-employees using registrations for businesses unrelated to their apps, it’s clear that Apple needs to tighten the oversight on the Enterprise Certificate program. TechCrunch found thousands of sites offering downloads of “sideloaded” Enterprise apps, and investigating just a sample uncovered numerous abuses.  Using a standard un-jailbroken iPhone. TechCrunch was able to download and verify 12 pornography and 12 real-money gambling apps over the past week that were abusing Apple’s Enterprise Certificate system to offer apps prohibited from the App Store. These apps either offered streaming or pay-per-view hardcore pornography, or allowed users to deposit, win, and withdraw real money — all of which would be prohibited if the apps were distributed through the App Store.</p>

Terrific journalism. Apple suddenly finds it has an Augean stable.
Apple  developer  enterprise 
6 days ago by charlesarthur
Best Social Media Analytics Software in 2019 | G2 Crowd
Useful current list of #socialmedia #analytics measurement platforms
social  media  analytics  software  platform  2019  enterprise  review  customer  experience 
9 days ago by csrollyson
The ML Surprise – The Launchpad – Medium
zation at a rate unmatched by software infrastructure for brute force data collection and management. Like the broccoli ice cream — there is usually not that much ML in an end-to-end ML system.

Secondly, the path of implementing ML (asking questions about your customers, building infrastructure to collect, interpret and act upon that data, etc.) is valuable, regardless of whether or not ML is actually implemented in the end. Not every problem has an ML-powered solution, but many do, and even those that do not will benefit from this jour
enterprise  enterpriseai  productmanagement 
10 days ago by pskomoroch
Skyve - The Low Code Open Source Enterprise Platform
Skyve is an open source low-code framework with over 10 years of research,
development and experience. Free yourself from expensive vendor lock-in and
build your own applications today.
lowcode  programming  visual  environment  business  enterprise  rad  opensource  floss 
10 days ago by gilberto5757
Jim Snabe, Chairman of Siemens, expands on Dreams and Details
"I had a fascinating conversation with Jim Snabe in an effort to get under the skin of how large and successful enterprises might respond to uncertain conditions"
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  change  management 
12 days ago by jonerp

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