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Disney Is Spending More on Theme Parks Than It Did on Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm Combined - The New York Times

Increased investment means increased risk
The theme park business will always be sensitive to swings in the economy, said Jessica Reif, an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Disney has greatly increased security in recent years, deploying undercover guards and installing metal detectors, but these teeming resorts could become relative ghost towns if a violent incident took place.

Even so, Ms. Reif said she was pleased that Disney was spending so heavily on its parks. “It’s the highest return on investment that Disney has,” she said.
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yesterday by jerryking
Peter B: Just B: Interview on Solar Sound
"The joke, for me, is about taking ones-self seriously. When I think of my skills at emulating a bird or a Tibetan monk with a transistor circuit, I do chortle to myself, but I'd rather poke around at the strange sounds that result than try to plan a piece from the beginning according to my own expectations. I want to see more people playing with the power supply, making jokes or whimsies with it, rather than composers or artists trying to own it with a definitive “piece.”"

"Trying to own it"... that's a insightful view into how i perceive the "composer" in modern classical music.
entertainment  music  philosophy  composition  ideas  performance 
yesterday by ssam
The Man From Y.E.T.I.
"The Man From Y.E.T.I. was a 17-episode U.S. television show, originally airing September 1968 to February 1969. Often compared to The Prisoner, the show combined unexplained surreal situations and characters, paranoia, science-fiction, and action-adventure."
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4 days ago by stb
Aardman Animation is Giving The Company to Their Employees | The Mary Sue
Aardman is currently in production on Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie, which will be followed by the long-awaited Chicken Run 2.
4 days ago by zephyr777
Why You Should Invest In Lighting For Your Swimming Pool
We are still several months away from pool season, but that does not mean you can’t start thinking about ways you can upgrade your swimming pool! A great example of such is pool lighting!
entertainment  safety  pool 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Current and Former Members of Rivers of Nihil, Wretched, and Alterbeast Launch Seinfeld-Themed Metal Band | MetalSucks
I just starred Current and Former Members of Rivers of Nihil, Wretched, and Alterbeast Launch Seinfeld-Themed Metal Band on Inoreader
4 days ago by jglemza
How HBO Is Changing Sex Scenes Forever
“It’s not the things [she does] that are so radical,” Meade says. “It’s just having someone other than yourself to think about it. It shouldn’t be a radical concept to give someone something to cover their private parts. But to have someone do it at all — the gesture of it — it helps.”
entertainment  sexuality 
6 days ago by emkay
The way to watch anything with anyone
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9 days ago by cmagnuson

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