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Bring on the Haters: Dane Cook Plots a Comedy Comeback | Hollywood Reporter
The most successful (and reviled) stand-up of the 2000s is launching a new tour after enduring dark days and an $18 million theft, and he has some choice words for nemesis Louis C.K.: "Nothing he did to me is anywhere near what happened between him and those women.
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3 days ago by dvand5
REDEF ORIGINAL: Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
On Fortnite as the start of a Snowcrashesque platform being the future of all entertainment, or something. Also a bit of a potted history of the game, and the state of the games space.
games  entertainment  grim-meathook-future 
5 days ago by mr_stru
Endeavour: it's Inspector Morse with a moustache – and surprisingly great | Television & radio | The Guardian
This 60s-set prequel to the legendary ITV detective series might look like a cosy Heatbeat-style drama, but there something far darker and stranger at play

Graeme Virtue

Tue 12 Feb 2019 13.30 GMT Last modified on Tue 12 Feb 2019 13.35 GMT

Shaun Evans and moustache as Morse. Photograph: ITV
This article contains minor spoilers for series 1-6 of Endeavour

It sounds borderline bizarre to insist that the sixth series of a TV drama is a good jumping-on point. But if you’ve so far resisted ITV’s Sunday-night staple Endeavour – AKA The 1960s Adventures of Young Morse, Before He Got So Crotchety (Although He is Actually Already Pretty Crotchety) – the latest series seems consciously designed to get any latecomers up to speed. It helps, of course, that this is a prequel to one of the most prestigious and popular ITV dramas of all time. Even if you don’t know where the character has been for the past five seasons, you probably have a decent idea about where he is going to end up.
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6 days ago by ndf
Sci-Fi worth consuming
Sci-Fi worth consuming via sindresorhus on github

I asked on Twitter for recommendations as I want to get into reading Sci-Fi novels. The below is the result. Thanks everyone for recommending your favorites! :)

Novels, Short Story Collections, Movies, Movie Series, TV Series, Comic Books and Links
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6 days ago by kdredington

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