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There Is Nothing Virtual About Bitcoin’s Energy Appetite - The New York Times
The total network of computers plugged into the Bitcoin network consumes as much energy each day as some medium-size countries — which country depends on whose estimates you believe. And the network supporting Ethereum, the second-most valuable virtual currency, gobbles up another country’s worth of electricity each day.
Bitcoin  Ethereum  Blockchain  environment  climatechange  globalwarming  proofofstake  NYTimes  2018 
5 hours ago by inspiral
Inside Coke and McDonald's new war on waste | GreenBiz
Two of the world’s most iconic food and beverage brands have launched ambitious initiatives aimed at significantly reducing waste and increasing the recycled and biobased content of their packaging. Together, they mark the acceleration of a yearslong war on waste.
rtz  environment  plpa 
8 hours ago by bullfrogfilms
"Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world.

The concept of Auroville - an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity - came to the Mother as early as the 1930s. In the mid 1960s the concept was developed and put before the Govt. of India, who gave their backing and took it to the General Assembly of UNESCO. In 1966 UNESCO passed a unanimous resolution commending it as a project of importance to the future of humanity, thereby giving their full encouragement.

The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity – in diversity. Today Auroville is recognised as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with - and practically researching into - sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind.
The Aurovilians come from some 49 nations, from all age groups (from infancy to over eighty, averaging around 30), from all social classes, backgrounds and cultures, representing humanity as a whole. The population of the township is constantly growing, but currently stands at around 2,500 people, of whom approx one-third are Indian.
A 109-hectare area to the north of the Peace Area, the Industrial Zone, a zone for "green" industries, is focused on Auroville's efforts towards a self-supporting township. It will contain small and medium-scale industries, training centres, arts and crafts, and the city's administration.
The city area with a radius of 1.25 km. will be surrounded by a Green Belt of 1.25 km width. As a zone for organic farms, dairies, orchards, forests, and wildlife areas, this belt will act as a barrier against urban encroachment, provide a variety of habitats for wildlife, and serve as a source for food, timber, medicines etc. and as a place for recreation.

Presently an area of 405 hectares, the Green Belt - though incomplete - stands as an example of successful transformation of wasteland into a vibrant eco-system. Its further planned extension with an additional 800 hectares will make it into a remarkable demonstration site for soil and water conservation, ground water recharge, and environmental restoration."

Agrachina  Permaculture  india  Sustainability  farm  Ecosystem  ecological  Ecology  Rural_Development  Environment  environmentalism  Philosophy  sustainable  sustainablecompany  community  Organic  Organic_Farm  Organic_Education  Craftsmanship  GreenArchitecture 
18 hours ago by eocas
RunKit is Node prototyping
RunKit notebooks are interactive javascript playgrounds connected to a complete node environment right in your browser. Every npm module pre-installed.
nodejs  javascript  js  notebook  playground  jupyter  learning  environment  programming  opensource  floss  api  server  prototyping 
19 hours ago by gilberto5757
Sustainable development - Wikipedia
Basically designing human systems so they don't interfere with Earth's environment
sustainability  sustainable  development  reference  definition  environment  ecology  economy  politics  culture 
23 hours ago by csrollyson
Rune Masden / Smog Brick
A student referenced this amazing project today: Chinese artist “Nut Brother” vacuumed the air of Beijing for 100 days, turned the particles into a smog brick.
inspiration  environment  foundobject  sculpture  art 
yesterday by mildlydiverting
Plumpton College - Further and Higher education college
A further and higher education specialist land-based college with outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities
education  agriculture  environment  horticulture  farming  forestry  woodland  conservation  college  sussex 
yesterday by asaltydog

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