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We can cut air pollution drastically right now. Here’s how | John Vidal | Opinion | The Guardian
Initiatives such as car-free days in major cities show that our toxic air can be cleaned, says environmental writer John Vidal
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Europe's meat and dairy production must halve by 2050, expert warns | Environment | The Guardian
Livestock has the world’s largest land footprint and is growing fast, with close to 80% of the planet’s agricultural land now used for grazing and animal feed production, even though meat delivers just 18% of our calories.

Europeans already eat more than twice as much meat as national dietary authorities recommend – far beyond a “safe operating space” within environmental limits, says the Rise foundation study.

As a result, huge sectoral “adjustments” will be needed by 2050 to rebalance the sector, including a 74% drop in greenhouse gas emissions and a 60% cut in nitrate-based fertiliser use, it finds…

Buckwell told the Guardian he envisaged a contraction of the sector of between 40%-50%. “We have to contract consumption by roughly half to come within the safe operating space – a big change, in other words.”
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