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What Is a Radical Analysis of Science?
We shouldn't relinquish science to those who would depoliticize it or use it to prop up the ruling class. We should it for emancipatory, transformative ends.
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7 days ago by basemaly
Thomas Kuhn Threw an Ashtray at Me - Nautilus - Pocket
What was Kuhn like as a professor?

I was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and it was wonderful. So I thought graduate school at Princeton would be a shining city on a hill. It turned out to be an extended visit with a bear in a cave. Much to my disappointment, I found a strange, butt-kiss world where people were being taught nonsense. A professor who was supremely judgmental and arrogant, and ultimately who espoused beliefs that I found appalling, pernicious.

I wrote a book called The Wilderness of Error, taken from an Edgar Allan Poe quote—“in the details I am about to give, some little oasis of fatality amid the wilderness of error”—on the Jeffrey McDonald case [a physician convicted of murdering his wife and two daughters], a case that I’ve been obsessed with for years. I have strong beliefs about it, but can I prove his innocence or his guilt? I cannot. All I can prove is that his trial was an abomination, that it was rigged against him. We can say that there was a miscarriage of justice in the sense that he did not receive a fair trial, but I cannot, alas, prove his guilt or his innocence.
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9 days ago by craniac
The research paradigm – methodology, epistemology and ontology – explained in simple language | Salma Patel
I have put together this post to explain what a research paradigm is, which includes ontology, epistemology, theoretical framework and methodology, and why it is important for your research or PhD. It took me a while to understand this properly, and below is a summary of my understanding of the topic, which I hope will help you. I suggest you go easy on yourself (I was pulling my hair out on the second day). I would also love to be corrected if anything below is wrong (though as you are aware, there are so many disagreements amongst philosophers and epistemologists – there is no one right answer!). So, let’s get started
philosophy  criticalGaming  ethics  history  epistemology 
11 days ago by basemaly
Researchers Conducted Six Studies To Investigate How Best To Challenge Science Deniers – Research Digest
When responding to science denialism (or, for that matter, any sort of false or harmful information), such as claims that vaccines are ineffective and harmful, it can be difficult to establish the right strategy. Because of the fast-paced way in which information spreads these days, there is a risk that responding to a given inaccurate claim can give it further oxygen, leading the falsehood to reach more people who are vulnerable to being misled, and so forth. There’s also the possibility of the “backfire effect” – people who already endorse the false claims reacting to the debunking information by digging into their beliefs further (though there’s now evidence such fears were overhyped, and that the backfire effect may not be a regular occurrence overall).
science  deception  epistemology  research  vrandtruth19  truth  reality 
12 days ago by basemaly
Elementary-School Curriculum Is All Wrong - The Atlantic
In the early grades, U.S. schools value reading-comprehension skills over knowledge. The results are devastating, especially for poor kids.
reading  education  kids  learning  failure  humanities  epistemology 
12 days ago by basemaly
(3) Prof. Clark Chinn - EARLI 2015 KEYNOTE - YouTube
13 days ago by tonyyet
The problem that I am uniquely positioned to solve is that of we need a post-enlightenment thinking t…
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