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Why the world’s poorest women must be our priority
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yesterday by andriak
The Evolution of an Accidental Meme – Craig Froehle – Medium
This is that Medium post that goes over that “Equity vs. Equality” image macro (with the kids standing on different numbers of boxes as they watch a ballgame).
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7 days ago by handcoding
Shut up about diversity – Dora Militaru – Medium
My local web performance community group hosted a Christmas event. I offered the following lightning talk: I can remember three times I felt particularly wimpy in 2017. Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration coincided roughly with my birthday.
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8 days ago by garrettc
World Forum for Democracy
Theme for 2018: Gender Equality: Whose Battle? - Strasbourg, France, 19-21 November 2018. Focused particularly on women’s public, political and economic participation and on combating violence against women in the wake of #MeToo.
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21 days ago by kmo
Fixed it for you! For a progressive Taiwan 🏳️‍🌈 go vote on Saturday!
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22 days ago by kerim
A bot now tells Financial Times reporters if they’re only quoting men » Nieman Journalism Lab
Some details on the FT's efforts to be a bit less "here are the thoughts of some old white men"
equality  journalism  bots  feminism 
22 days ago by mr_stru

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