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Periods, Policy and Politics: Menstrual Equity Is the New Thing
"It IS a thing!" - Useful background on the #menstrual #equality movement #womenempower
women  society  biology  menstruation  equality  bias  empowerment  movement  tampon  pad  job  discrimination 
yesterday by csrollyson
University entry 'should be background, not just exams' - BBC News
The university access watchdog says students' backgrounds should be taken into account when awarding places, to improve "equality of opportunity". A-level grades are a "robust measure" only if the applicants' "context" is also considered, Chris Millward says.

Many universities give extra help to disadvantaged applicants - but a report warns of a lack of openness about how this operates.

All Russell Group universities use some form of "contextual admissions".

Top universities have faced accusations of being socially exclusive and recruiting too few applicants from ethnic minorities.

But they also face scrutiny for being unfair to individual applicants who might lose out on places to disadvantaged candidates with worse results.
UK  education  policy  University  College  meritocracy  meritocratic  inequality  Equality  poverty  trap  Austerity 
4 days ago by asterisk2a
Finland, Home of the $103,000 Speeding Ticket - The Atlantic
Most of Scandinavia determines fines based on income. Could such a system work in the U.S.?
policy  equality  income_imbalance  police 
14 days ago by vloux
Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them
We found that, holding background factors constant, women ask for a raise just as often as men, but men are more likely to be successful. Women who asked obtained a raise 15% of the time, while men obtained a pay increase 20% of the time. While that may sound like a modest difference, over a lifetime it really adds up...

Older workers [ask for a raise] more often. Long-tenured employees do so more often. Full-timers do so more often. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all part-timers, whether male or female, tend both to “ask,” and to get, less often...

The younger women in the labor market appear statistically indistinguishable — even in “getting” — from the younger men. Hence it could be that negotiating behavior through the years has begun to change. Future research may be able to decide whether true changes are going on in the modern labor market. Perhaps the world really is beginning to transform...
australia  equality  sexism  gender  money  gender-pay-gap  statistics 
19 days ago by iamfantastikate
An American black kid gets into all 20 colleges he applied to, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
It absolutely boggles my mind that colleges can get away with charging different fees for their product from different applicants based on some magic formula of income and race.

It would be like going to the grocery store and having to show your W2 form and the cashier says, “Let’s see here, rich white guy…the price of your head of lettuce is $40; poor black EBT card holder….enjoy your free lettuce.”

What the hell happened to equality under the law?
equality  law  university  education  pricing  quote 
19 days ago by elev8
Atul Gawande: Curiosity and What Equality Really Means | The New Yorker
For doctors as much as anyone else, regarding people as having lives of equal worth means recognizing each as having a common core of humanity.
commencement  empathy  medicine  equality 
20 days ago by soobrosa
A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer - If borders were open
"Mexican labourers who migrate to the United States can expect to earn 150% more. Unskilled Nigerians make 1,000% more.

“Making Nigerians stay in Nigeria is as economically senseless as making farmers plant in Antarctica,” argue Mr Caplan and Mr Naik. "
immigration  world  economics  equality 
24 days ago by ssam
We're laughing in an echo chamber: it's time to rethink satire
"While enthusiasts of satire may celebrate, this groundswell is not necessarily a good thing. Satire and laughter can be therapeutic ways to orient ourselves in troubled, and increasingly polarised, times. But they are not guaranteed to prompt social or political change. That’s because humour is more likely to speak to ideological groups than across them."
satire  politics  equality  world  communication  media  humour 
24 days ago by ssam
Does inequality cause suicide, drug abuse and mental illness? - The crack-up
In “The Inner Level”, the authors of “The Spirit Level” argue that it does
equality  book  society  mental  illness 
24 days ago by soobrosa
Wonderful to see, that with strong determination across a number of years + genuine activism to ensure , t…
equality  from twitter_favs
24 days ago by body-tech23
Where a Taboo Is Leading to the Deaths of Young Girls
“If a woman goes inside the family’s home during her period, three things will happen,” explained a farmer named Runcho. “A tiger will come; the house will catch on fire; and the head of the house will get sick.”

Mr. Runcho spoke without any doubt or flourish. When asked if he had ever seen a tiger in his village, he smiled and didn’t answer yes or no, but then told a long story about how, maybe 10 years ago, he accidentally brushed up against his daughter when she was menstruating and lost his sight for several days.

“It was a nightmare,” he said...

When I asked Mr. Runcho if he would like to sleep in the crawl space, he laughed. “Why should I?” he said. “It’s for women!”
nepal  gender  health  religion  sexism  equality 
25 days ago by iamfantastikate
The inequality delusion: Why we've got the wealth gap all wrong | New Scientist, 31 Mar 2018; Mark Sheskin
"There are staggering levels of inequality in the world, and wide agreement that these should be reduced. But we should aspire to fair inequality, not unfair equality."
cognition  culture  NewScientist  equality  fairness  economics  morality  ethics 
27 days ago by pierredv

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