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Vexlio - Instantly Create Precise, Beautiful Diagrams
Easily create precise and beautiful diagrams with automatic snapping, embedded LaTeX, and more.
apps  diagram  diagrams  drawing  equations  app  software  svg  design  diagramming 
9 weeks ago by llimllib
Equations for allometry and expansion factors biomass, volume and other things.
forestry  data  biomass  allometry  equations 
9 weeks ago by lpuerto
TLV | Engineering Calculator Over 50 Calculations for Engineering
Calculador para Ingeniería. Para Sistemas de Vapor, Agua, Aire y Gas. Incluye 50+ cálculos diferentes. Ecuaciones mostradas para fácil referencia.
formulae  ConsultingToMgmt  Construction  Reference  Engineering  Resources  Equations  Physics  Calculator 
may 2017 by abetancort

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