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Ten things more inequitable than road pricing | City Observatory
Don’t decry congestion pricing as inequitable until after you fix, or at least acknowledge, these ten other things that are even more inequitable about the way we pay for transportation.
equity  mobility 
3 days ago by zryb
Poverty, Not Race, Fuels the Achievement Gap - Education Week
The racial "achievement gap" in standardized-test scores shouldn't be considered a racial gap at all, a new study argues. Instead, it's more accurate to call it a "poverty gap."

Racial segregation tends to concentrate black and Hispanic children in schools where most of the students come from poor families because of the persistent connection between race and income in the United States. And those high-poverty schools provide fewer opportunities than schools that are more affluent.

How stark are the wealth disparities? In 2016, the median wealth of a white family—assets minus debt—was $171,000, based on calculations of federal data conducted by the Urban Institute. For black families, median wealth was a little over $17,000. For Hispanic families, it was just shy of $21,000.

"It's the difference in the poverty composition that is most predictive of the achievement gap," said Sean Reardon, a professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education and the study's lead author. "That's the mechanism by which segregation is harmful."
race  poverty  education  equity 
5 days ago by lukeneff
Data Playbook Toolkit
With 100s of contributors across regions, languages, and expertise, we have designed, piloted and tested the content. Our methods were following the innovation principles with human-centered design. We have curated and co-created content to support and to improve IFRC's data readiness. The Data Playbook Beta project is a prototype of social learning designed on modularized pick-and-choose model for 30 minute to 1 hour conversations or lunch and learns. Playbooks are designed to be guided by the users and leaders to decide what 'activity' or 'action' best suits the given need. This is very much in line with our goal to localize humanitarian response while supporting data literacy. The aim is to be 'introduction' to data and complementary tool to existing content. It will not rewrite data science or data protection manuals. The Data Playbook beta is less of an instruction manual or guide and more of a collection of short, interactive and social content.
data  equity  tools 
5 days ago by tlricherson
Decolonizing Data
The chief research officer of the Seattle Indian Health Board is creating programs and databases that are not based on Western concepts to better serve indigenous communities.
data  equity 
5 days ago by tlricherson
Data Feminism
A full draft of the book by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein
data  equity 
5 days ago by tlricherson
. committee applications include a few big names & a lot of parents, employees and communit…
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7 days ago by andriak

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