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Trans people aren't 'erasing' lesbians like me | The Independent
I know a lot of trans people. Not one of them has ever tried to recruit me or even asked me if I’ve ever thought about transitioning. Not one has “pressured” me to “accept them as sexual partners”. This is scaremongering, designed to divide us. But believe me: it’s not a thing. 
lesbian  erasure  trans  coercion  firsthand 
4 weeks ago by UnchartedWorlds
Clean House to Survive? Museums Confront Their Crowded Basements - The New York Times
MoMA regularly culls its collection and in 2017 sold off a major Léger to the Houston art museum. Yet, it too is in the midst of yet another costly renovation (price tag $400 million) to be able to exhibit more of its ever growing collection.

Part of the problem is that acquiring new things is far easier, and more glamorous, than getting rid of old ones. Deaccessioning, the formal term for disposing of an art object, is a careful, cumbersome process, requiring several levels of curatorial, administrative and board approval. Museum directors who try to clean out their basements often confront restrictive donor agreements and industry guidelines that treat collections as public trusts.
museums  collections  deaccessioning  erasure  maintenance  care  storage 
march 2019 by shannon_mattern

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