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ferd/pobox: External buffer processes to protect against mailbox overflow in Erlang
High throughput Erlang applications often get bitten by the fact that Erlang mailboxes are unbounded and will keep accepting messages until the node runs out of memory. In most cases, this problem can be solved by imposing a rate limit on the producers, and it is recommended to explore this idea before looking at this library. When it is impossible to rate-limit the messages coming to a process and that your optimization efforts remain fruitless, you need to start shedding load by dropping messages. PO Box can help by shedding the load for you, and making sure you won't run out of memory.
erlang  highavailability  ha  queue  buffer 
yesterday by dlkinney
heroku/ehmon: Heroku Erlang VM Monitoring library
Ehmon - Heroku's basic VM stats monitor. Example Output: ehmon_report rq=0 cswit=1507 otp=R15B01 procs=30 maxprocs=32768 ports=4 maxports=1024 maxfds=256 etstabs=16 maxetstabs=1400 memtot=7598992 memproc=1045782 memets=285408 membin=183680 memcode=3691241
erlang  devops  health  monitoring 
yesterday by dlkinney
klarna/circuit_breaker: An Erlang library for breaking out of faulty services
Klarna's battle-tested circuit breaker application. The pattern here is much closer to what fuse provides. However, the main difference is that in circuit_breaker, there can be different thresholds for different error types. This means you can be more specific as to what kind of error you have and how you plan on handling it. This tool also has the advantage of 8 years of battle-testing in production at Klarna. It may fit your use case if you can tolerate spawning a function per call to the circuit breaker application.
erlang  circuitbreaker 
yesterday by dlkinney
tomas-abrahamsson/gpb: A Google Protobuf implementation for Erlang
The gpb is a compiler for Google protocol buffer definitions files for Erlang.
erlang  protobuf  google 
yesterday by dlkinney
zeromq/chumak: Pure Erlang implementation of ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol.
Pure Erlang implementation of ZMTP 3.1, licensed under MPLv2. Strives to follow the latest spec of the ZeroMQ protocol. Features: ZMTP 3.1, Backwards compatible with ZMTP 3.0, Resource property, Erlang examples, CurveZMQ security support (version 1.2.0 or later).
erlang  zeromq  github  opensource 
yesterday by dlkinney
ferd/recon: Collection of functions and scripts to debug Erlang in production.
Collection of functions and scripts to debug Erlang in production. Recon wants to be a set of tools usable in production to diagnose Erlang problems or inspect production environment safely. Recon is a library to be dropped into any other Erlang project, to be used to assist DevOps people diagnose problems in production nodes.
erlang  github  opensource  devops  debugging  production  deployment 
5 days ago by dlkinney
10 Essential Erlang Tools for Erlang Developers | Pluralsight
In this tutorial, I'll cover the tools that I use the most in my day-to-day life as an Erlang developer. All or most of the topics that make the cut share the following characteristics: (1) they're built specifically for Erlang (i.e. no text-editors, no git, etc.). (2) they're not tailored to a particular kind of application (i.e. you can use them to develop any kind of Erlang application).
erlang  tools  tooling  development  engineering  production 
5 days ago by dlkinney
Erlang Companies
A curated list of companies using Erlang in production, organized by industry.
erlang  applications  usecase 
6 days ago by mikeRuns
🤙 Calling all & enthusiasts!

's "ELIXIR: A MINI-DOCUMENTARY", featuring ,…
erlang  elixir  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by briantrice
Installing Elixir on WebFaction
This is a short guide on installing Elixir on a WebFaction shared server. Overall it is fairly easy: first we will install Erlang, then Elixir proper.
elixir  erlang  webfaction  installation  guide  201807 
6 days ago by jakoubek
RT : and I will be giving a joint talk at -
"Intertwingling the with " - what…
erlang  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by jimpick
A Brief History of the BEAM Compiler – A Blog from the Erlang/OTP team – The Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson, the implementors and maintainers of Erlang/OTP.
The BEAM compiler in R5 was still Bogdan’s original compiler. While it did more optimizations than the JAM ever did, we knew that more optimizations were possible.
8 days ago by aquarhead

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