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Getting started with webpack and ES6 modules – Scott Vinkle – Medium
Let’s go through a tiny, very basic webpack based project. We’ll look at the project structure, the configuration files, and a simple, high-level example of using webpack with ES6 modules.
webpack  es6 
yesterday by vegarev
uglify-es - npm
A JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit for ES6+.

uglify-es is API/CLI compatible with uglify-js@3.
uglify-es is not backwards compatible with uglify-js@2.
First make sure you have installed the latest version of node.js (You may need to restart your computer after this step).

From NPM for use as a command line app:
es6  javascript  npm  compress  module 
6 days ago by ndf
UglifyJS 3: Online JavaScript minifier
UglifyJS 3: Online JavaScript minifier

The minified output (13237 bytes, saved 43.17%)


es6  javascript  compress  our-journey 
6 days ago by ndf
Classes (ES6) Sample
Sample illustrating the use of Classes (ES6).
devel  classes  es6  javascript  js 
9 days ago by tombensve

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