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A Helpful Guide to Title Insurance Terms for the First-Timer
Read on to learn more about basic title insurance terms that first-time homebuyers need to know.
title-insurance  first-time-homebuyer  basics-of-title-insurance  escrow  title-search 
august 2019 by Adventure_Web
Domain transfers are fast and secure at Sedo
Perfect for both buyers and sellers: Our reliable Transfer Service provides secure notification of the purchase price and the seamless transfer of the domain ownership.
domains  escrow  sales  parking 
may 2019 by markhdavis
Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empowers businesses and online sellers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.
escrow  billing  domains 
may 2019 by markhdavis
Boxswap - Swap safely
Smart-contract based escrow. Interact with an over-the-counter order already made.
blockchain  escrow  finance  fintech  crypto  tools 
december 2018 by stechico
Information Escrows to Combat Code Fraud | Berkeley Institute for Data Science
Code fraud is the implementation of software that induces illegal, unethical, or otherwise malicious outcomes. As political, manufacturing, and social systems increasingly run on software, the consequences of code fraud will proliferate and diversify.One proposal for reducing the risk associated with whistleblowing is adapted from an information escrow platform developed to allow victims of sexual harassment to store reports of their attacks "in escrow" on a third-party platform called Callisto. Reporting code fraud, or any other kind of fraud, is clearly different than reporting sexual assault. One quality these situations share is that making a report is risky for the claimant, especially if that person is the only one making the accusation. If two or more employees come forward to report the same fraud or two women report the same assailant, not only are their cases stronger, but they will not bear the burden of reporting alone.
ee  Callisto  information_escrow  escrow  data  coding 
august 2018 by osi_info_program
Stellar Escrow Smart Contract Development – Hacker Noon
Before reading this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of how Stellar works and how to create a simple account on the test network. Take a look at my previous article in this series to…
stellar  escrow  smart  contract  transaction 
may 2018 by tranqy

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