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The Tyranny of Stuctureless
The Tyranny of Stuctureless by Jo Freeman
politics  feminism  essay 
16 hours ago by nikgreen
Sonic/Antoine Forever – ZEAL – Medium
From On Camp, Susan Sontag writes “the Camp sensibility is one that is alive to a double sense in which some things can be taken.” Grade-school me saw this deep admiration Tails had for Sonic as romantic in the same way I crushed on my straight friends.
essay  fandom  cartoons  gender  queer 
21 hours ago by jtth
Cory Doctorow: Persuasion, Adaptation, and the Arms Race for Your Attention
There is a war for your attention, and like all adversarial scenarios, the sides develop new countermeasures and then new tactics to overcome those countermeasures. The predator carves the prey, the prey carves the preda­tor.
2018  essay 
yesterday by bignose
Square pegs and round holes: The pitfalls of starting a project with wireframes
Without first knowing your content, a wireframe is an assumption and a wild guess. If you start with a wireframe before anything else, you will be pre-defining boxes into which content must be wrestled and shoehorned. Your users will not thank you.
Reign in your visual designers. Tell them to hold their horses. Get out there and speak to your users, define their needs. Write acceptance criteria so you can focus on creating content that meets those needs.
Create a draft of your content, test it on users. Tweak it, iterate it until it clearly and unambiguously delivers the information they need. Now, you can think about wireframes, page layouts and the best methods of visual presentation. And guess what? Now you have your content, it won’t be holding your project up at the end.
Content-first design is a win for everyone. It lets you deliver exactly what your users need and it delivers better value for your organisation because projects run smoother. What is stopping you from adopting a content-first approach? Only ego and stubbornness can get in the way. If you see it from members of your team or organisation, challenge it. We’re not designing your vision, we’re designing for our users.
Design  Wireframes  essay 
yesterday by 1luke2
Tools and Creative Permission — by Craig Mod
In a way, you could say the Leica (and more specifically, 35mm film) gave Frank the permission to go on that trip. Of course, he still could have traversed the states on his Guggenheim fellowship, taken a different set of images with a different kind of camera — but it’s unlikely he would have captured 28,000 images with a large-format camera. Those tools were simply too onerous to deploy, too conspicuous, and the cost per image too high. And so the parameters (a nearly silent shutter, inconspicuous size) and technology comprising the little Leica bestowed Frank with a strange permission to shoot abundantly, in new and sometimes weird ways, from the hip, brazenly, in a way no other camera would have. It made him a spy. To see ourselves as we were — like suddenly coming upon a mirror for the first time in middle age when you’ve hitherto seen yourself only in oil paintings, posed and composed — shocked us all.

I’ve come to think of tools as granters of permission. Things from which an artist can divine permission — the permission flowing either from the formal attributes of the tool to artist, or from the artist’s perception of the tool back into themselves. Either direction gets you to the same place. Many of us, to varying degrees, fetishize certain objects as having magical powers that enable, most often, creative processes.

The right kind of hand plane can inspire someone to build an entire table. The right antique sewing machine can be the prime catalyst begetting a new pair of jeans. Behold the cottage industry of notebooks: How many Moleskines or Field Notes notebooks have been the function that forced the hand of a writer or illustrator down some otherwise unexplored creative path? This is not to say that the right notebook or camera or sewing machine produces brilliance — of course not. But the right tool in the right hand might be the very thing that whispers to that artist. “Hey, what about this?” A dollop of permission.
creativity  photography  essay  tools 
yesterday by rmohns
100 Years of Turbulence — by Maciej Cegłowski on Idle Words
A story about how patents didn't help the Wright brothers at all.
history  patents  flight  essay 
4 days ago by SirPavlova
Why I cannot support the Government’s proposed Brexit deal
In which Boris Johnson's brother writes better than he does.

"The argument that the government will present for the Withdrawal Agreement ‘deal’ is not that it is better for Britain than our current membership. The Prime Minister knows that she cannot honestly make the claim that the deal is an improvement on Britain’s current arrangements with the EU and, to her credit, refuses to do so. The only case she can try to make is that it is better than the alternative of leaving the EU with no deal at all."


"Yet for all its challenges and for all the real pain it would cause us as we adapt to new barriers to trade with our biggest market, we can ultimately survive these difficulties. I believe it would be a grave mistake for the government to ram through this deal by once again unleashing Project Fear. A “no deal” outcome of this sort may well be better than the never ending purgatory the Prime Minister is offering the country. But my message to my brother and to all Leave campaigners is that inflicting such serious economic and political harm on the country will leave an indelible impression of incompetence in the minds of the public. It cannot be what you wanted nor did the 2016 referendum provide any mandate for it."
brexit  uk  europe  opinion  essay  government 
6 days ago by np
Nationalism: past neglect and present power
isaiah berlin's essay on nationalism pdf form
essay  pdf  full_text 
6 days ago by Chavi
Partisan Review Vol. 46 No. 3 1979
Isiah Berlin's essay on nationalism
essay  full_text 
6 days ago by Chavi
Getting the iPad to Pro — by Craig Mod
Getting the iPad to "Pro" — some notes on the state of iOS on the iPad:
ipad  essay  photography 
7 days ago by jtth
So You Wanna Be a Chef— by Bourdain | Michael Ruhlman
It’s a little sad sometimes when I look out at a bookstore audience and see young fans of Kitchen Confidential, for whom the book was a validation of their worst natures. I understand it, of course. And I’m happy they like me.

But I’m a little more comfortable when the readers are late-career hackers and journeymen, like I was when I wrote the book. I like that they relate to the highs and lows, the frustrations and absurdities, that they, too, can look back—with a mixture of nostalgia and very real regret—on sexual liaisons on cutting boards and flour sacks, late-night coke jags, the crazy camaraderie that seems to come only in the busiest hash-house restaurants—or failing ones. I wrote the book for them in the first place. And it’s too late for them anyway.

But the young culinary students, thousands and thousands of them—new generations of them every year, resplendent in their tattoos and piercings—I worry that some of them might have missed the point.
advice  cooking  life  food  essay 
8 days ago by kmt
Nick Cave on grief
Beautiful essay on returning to life after grieving a loss.
essay  things  life  advice 
8 days ago by robknight
Boudica: how a widowed queen became a rebellious woman warrior | Aeon Essays
How a widowed queen became a rebel warrior, defying Roman patriarchy, and leading her people to glory even in defeat
history  Boudica  Britain  war  Romans  women  essay  patriarchy 
8 days ago by mirthe

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