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How is the Ethereum blockchain different from the Bitcoin blockchain? - Quora
the Ethereum blockchain, apart from handling accounts and transactions, also stores programming logic.

Here’s an example:

On the 8th of May, transfer $Y from A’s account to B’s account if A’s account has more than $X. If not, don’t transfer $Y to B’s account.
And these types of codes, once executed, are stored historically on the Ethereum blockchain forever. This helps understand future decision-making processes.

Ethereum is different from Bitcoin mostly because with Ethereum, you can not onl...
ethereum  bitcoin  digitalcurrency 
1 hour ago by jikatu
Digiconomist - Cryptocurrency Fraud and Risk Mitigation
Digiconomist is a platform that provides in-depth analysis, opinions and discussions with regard to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, run on a voluntary, best effort basis. The goal of Digiconomist is to cover any relevant financial, economic or regulatory cryptocurrency-related topic. The reason for this is that Digiconomist believes that anyone involved with cryptocurrencies should have some basic financial/economic knowledge, in order to understand and mitigate the risks that could otherwise result in serious losses. Digiconomist is built to assist with acquiring this knowledge. This is intended to contribute to raising the overall quality of the cryptocurrency environment.
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5 hours ago by areich
Distributed computing system, uses Ethereum tokens to compensate for computing power. Still in early development.
distributed  computing  cgi  ethereum  blockchain 
7 hours ago by mjlassila
Bitcoin – Opacity – Medium
I was wondering if Taleb would ever weigh in on crypto - finally, he does.
antifragile  bitcoin  blockchain  ethereum  ripple 
10 hours ago by mozzarella
!!Con 2017: How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara Vancil - YouTube
!!Con 2017: How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara Vancil How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara VancilDecentralized networks operate without relying on a central source of truth, and instead rely on group coordination in order to establish a shared state. Trust is distributed among participants, so to have confidence that each participant
favorites-from-pocket  blockchain  concept  conf-talk  ethereum  intro  p2p  todoist 
11 hours ago by hoodwink73
CodeEth0x · Issue #244 · district0x/district-proposals
district-proposals - Proposals for new districts to be built by the district0x Team.
programming  gamification  bounty  ethereum  district0x 
yesterday by clehene

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