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Ethics statement
The Socio-Legal Studies Association
2 hours ago by wiobyrne
Subverted Design
15 years ago, being a UX Designer meant that your top priority was usability. You had less clout, which meant you had to fight harder for your work. Your role was smaller in scope, which meant you didn’t have as much influence over high-level discussions like company strategy. But it was… clean.

Design’s position in 2018 might be more lucrative and impactful, but unless it comes with the right set of priorities, that impact can be negative. It’s led to an array of products that optimize for engagement and stickiness over value and clarity. It’s how we got shit like this:
Design  Ethics  Ux 
16 hours ago by 1luke2
Is Salt Bad? A Prison Study May Hold the Answer - The Atlantic
"Research on inmates is logistically difficult and ethically fraught."
ethics  prisons  health  food  incarceration  sarahzhang  2018 
23 hours ago by robertogreco
Dark factories: labour exploitation in Britain’s garment industry
Distressing article about third-world employment conditions in the UK, driven by ever-cheaper “fast fashion” retailers
leicester  minimumwage  economics  ethics 
yesterday by robmiller

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