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Thinking Ethically - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre,Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer
August 1, 2015
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yesterday by Frieda.Mendelsohn
Down Syndrome in Iceland: CBS News’s Disturbing Report | National Review
“It cannot be denied that the price of these diseases is high — in suffering for the individual and in burdens for society. Not to mention what parents suffer! But we can assign a value to that price: It is precisely what a society must pay to remain fully human.”
yesterday by craniac — Ethical Design Manifesto
Human Rights

Technology that respects human rights is decentralised, peer-to-peer, zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted, free and open source, interoperable, accessible, and sustainable.

It respects and protects your civil liberties, reduces inequality, and benefits democracy.

Human Effort

Technology that respects human effort is functional, convenient, and reliable.

It is thoughtful and accommodating; not arrogant or demanding. It understands that you might be distracted or differently-abled. It respects the limited time you have on this planet.

Human Experience

Technology that respects human experience is beautiful, magical, and delightful.

It just works. It’s intuitive. It’s invisible. It recedes into the background of your life. It gives you joy. It empowers you with superpowers. It puts a smile on your face and makes your life better.
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2 days ago by abberdab
@eastdakota - Matthew prince on Twitter
"A little bit geek, wonk, and nerd. Repeat entrepreneur, recovering lawyer, and former ski instructor. Co-founder & CEO of Cloudflare.
San Francisco, CA"

Twitter | | retr 15 aug 2017

Providing a great service, but questionable ethics: he gave/sold cloudflare technology to China to have servers there, and forwards personal, identifying information of people who complain about any site who is a cloudflare customer, to that custom. Both of these are dangerous and reprehensible.

-- tmx, 15 aug 2017
cloudflare  ethics  internet-control  internet-power  internet-security  type-twitter-account 
2 days ago by tometaxu
One man's mathematical formula for happiness | The Independent
one man says he has come up with a mathematical solution. Mo Gawdat was miserable for several years in his twenties and thirties despite his high-flying job, income and happy family unit. Determined to turn this around Gawdat, an engineer by trade who is now an executive at Google, formulated an equation for happiness.

A couple of years later, he put this to the test when his 21-year-old son Ali died unexpectedly in what should have been a routine operation.

He has now shared the secrets to his formula for being happy – no matter what life throws at you – in his new book Solve For Happy...

Due to the circumstances of Ali’s death, senior officials in Dubai that Gawdat knew asked if he would mind them requesting an autopsy...

“Nibet said in her own very wise way, as always, ‘Will it bring Ali back?’’ This question came four hours later [after Ali’s death] and we were completely anchored in reality.

(via siobhan on fb, dccomment:

"The speaker is Mo Gawdat. Hmm. He's right in a way of course, though it is a potentially conservative (with a small 'c') philosophy. Should we be happy with the world as it is? According to the Independent his "21-year-old son Ali died unexpectedly in what should have been a routine operation"; should his son's surgeon share this philosophy?")

Gawdat's book reportèdly promotes "intelligent design" over naturalism. Hmm.
google  psychology  medicine  ethics  philosophy 
2 days ago by juliusbeezer
RCR Intro
Exempt research is on existing data if unidentifiable
deidentification  ethics  research 
3 days ago by kbriney

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