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Be Better at Parties - Smarter living Guides - The New York Times
a very exciting thing is when a piece you've been working on for a VERY LONG TIME finally goes LIVEEEEE
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2 days ago by stevesong
Be Better at Parties - Smarter living Guides - The New York Times
People love to party! Well, at least some of them do. For the rest of us, parties bring on waves of feelings, good and bad, much like the events themselves. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about being the hit of the party.
3 days ago by jiffyclub
The Cut or Cut Direct
People who pretend they didn't see someone, when they clearly did, have cut that other person. An ordinary cut is less of an embarrassment than a cut direct, and less insulting, because it might be explained away by saying, "She didn't see me."
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8 days ago by saranrapjs
When You Can and Cannot Say ‘No’ When Someone Asks to Switch Seats With You on an Airplane
A person asked to switch seats often feels obligated to say yes for fear of being rude, even when it means a more unpleasant flying experience. But making such a request can itself be construed as rude.
travel  airline  etiquette  advice  article  mel 
5 weeks ago by aeng

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