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A practical treatise on the law, privileges, proceedings and ... - Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library | HathiTrust Digital Library
Good news for constitutional nerds everywhere: a digital edition of Erskine May. The 2nd edition, from 1851; but the relevant rule is there, on p233.
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7 minutes ago by asaltydog
What is Erskine May, the £400 constitutional handbook that guides Parliament - and John Bercow's decisions -
John Bercow used the book on parliamentary procedure to rule that Theresa May could not bring the same Brexit deal back for another vote
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42 minutes ago by asaltydog
'At the very heart of Europe': New Evidence on John Major's Foreign Policy | Wilson Center
The Major papers have particular value in that they include in-depth discussions over the future of Europe and its place in the world. Time and again, Helmut Kohl and John Major had time on their own without a pre-scheduled agenda. Thus, both were able to have wide-ranging tour d’horizons over issues of international change and Europe’s transformation.
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7 hours ago by yorksranter
Rivers Are Flooding Earlier in Parts of Europe as Climate Changes | InsideClimate News
In Scandinavia and the Baltics—where snowmelt is the main driver of high water—spring floods are coming a week earlier than they did 50 years ago. Along the North Atlantic coast from Portugal to England, winter flooding in many places occurs 15 to 36 days earlier, driven by changes in the timing of winter rain storms and changes in soil moisture.
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12 hours ago by huntercutting
working title studios | sustainable luxury fashion
About taken from German Sustain Concept*:

"After working together successfully for many years, fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Bjoern Kubeja launched their own fashion label in 2018. Here, exquisite tailoring meets timeless elegance and sustainable, enduring design. Working Title uses only the finest natural materials such as mulesing-free wool, cashmere, organic silk, organic cotton and Tencel from certified European manufacturers and rejects man-made fibres in order to minimise harmful residues through wear and disposal. The collections are manufactured in Germany, Italy and Poland."

* German Sustain Concept is a programme initiated by the Fashion Council Germany under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) with partners Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation of Messe Frankfurt, Bikini Berlin and

Based in Berlin

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  sustainablecompany  sustainablefashion  eco_brand  Organic_Fabric  natural  Germany  berlin  wool  Cashmere  Silk  Tencel  europe  Man-made 
14 hours ago by eocas
About us
International Cookware SAS is the licensee in Europe for the pyrex brand, and still makes the original high quality borosilicate glass Pyrex. That type is usually indicated by using a logo with all capital letter PYREX, like the old stuff. US pyrex is now weaker soda-lime glass.
kitchen  cookware  tools  pot  pan  france  europe  borosilicate  glass  Pyrex 
15 hours ago by asteroza
Dutch amusement theme park — fairy tales etc
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22 hours ago by allisonf
Geopolitics for the Left | Online Only | n+1
Just as he sought to make “democratic socialism” part of the mainstream by connecting it to Franklin Roosevelt’s “Economic Bill of Rights,” Sanders alighted on the Truman Administration’s European Recovery Program, more commonly known as the Marshall Plan, as a precedent for his foreign policy vision. Rather than “punish and humiliate the losers . . . we helped rebuild their economies. . . . We also provided them support to reconstruct democratic societies.” For Sanders, and for most liberals and progressives, the Marshall Plan is a foreign policy object with almost talismanic properties. It proves that the United States in the international arena is capable of substituting generosity for retribution, cooperation for enmity, and economics for military force, all in the pursuit of an enlightened self-interest.

The trouble is that this view is a myth. It licenses the belief that there was a good cold war and a bad cold war, that liberalism was forced to become militaristic against its will, and that an exercise in geopolitics was about something other than geopolitics—that is, a “liberal international order.” To deconstruct this myth requires understanding what exactly the Marshall Plan was intended to do, where it led, and what it meant for democratic aspirations at home and abroad. At the heart of this ideological complex may lie the reason why the left has so far failed to articulate a foreign policy for our age.
history  diplomacy  strategy  economics  politics  americana  europe 
yesterday by kmt
They come over here, steal our women . . .
They raided and traded, turning the island into an economic hub into which flowed many goods. But there was one commodity above all they excelled at: slaves.

They had taken “a great prey of women” from Howth in 821, and in time they became part of an extraordinary trading network that stretched north to Scandinavia and south to Africa. It meant that being grabbed by a Viking party could mean an unfortunate victim would eventually travel thousands of kilometres and through several hands.

And many were grabbed. By 950, it is conservatively estimated, 15 per cent of the population of western Europe were slaves. Limerick and Dublin wouldn’t have become such strong economic hubs otherwise. By the 11th century those quintessential “pagans” had gradually converted to Christianity, meaning the slave trade had become unacceptable to some – and less profitable, anyway
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yesterday by corrales

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