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Climate Progress » Blog Archive » Should Obama push a climate bill in 2009 or 2010? Part I, Does a serious bill need action from China?
"The international negotiation process that led to the Kyoto Protocol and that is supposed to culminate in another deal in Copenhagen at the end of this year is for all intents and purposes in a deep coma, even if most of the participants don’t realize that. Indeed, the only thing that could possibly revive it is China agreeing to a cap by no later than 2020. That alone means Obama’s top international priority this year must not be Copenhagen, but rather China. Whether or not Obama needs some action by China to get a U.S. bill passed, his entire presidency and the fate of the planet rest on whether he can in fact get a China deal."
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january 2009 by arosner
Never Trust An Illeist: Potential Veep Profiles: Evan Bayh
Congresspedia cited as source for a profile on Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
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june 2008 by sunlightfoundation

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