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Event-Driven Architecture – @herbertograca
Using events to design applications is a practice that seems to be around since the late 1980s. We can use events anywhere in the frontend or backend. When a button is pressed, when some data changes or some backend action is performed. But what is it exactly? When should we use it and how? What…
event-driven  event-sourcing  architecture  cqrs 
11 days ago by pinterb
Event Sourcing Basics – Event Store
The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.
dev  work  ddd  architecture  event-sourcing 
4 weeks ago by meeb
Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads, Episode 2
In the first episode of this series of posts, we introduced the Netflix downloads project and the use cases that led us to consider a solution based on the event sourcing pattern. In this post, we…
architecture  event-sourcing 
4 weeks ago by sbanwart

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