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AxonFramework/AxonFramework: Framework for Evolutionary Event-Driven Microservices on the JVM
Framework for Evolutionary Event-Driven Microservices on the JVM - AxonFramework/AxonFramework
eventsourcing  java  framework 
3 days ago by HusseinMorsy
Event sourcing in practice
Learn about Event Sourcing and Command Sourcing as a persistance mechanism for Domain-Driven Design
presentation  slides  cqrs  eventsourcing 
5 days ago by omen
Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads
Phillipa Avery and Robert Reta describe how Netflix successfully launched their Download feature with the use of a Cassandra-backed event sourcing architecture. They describe their event store implementation and cover what they learned along the way, and what they could have done better. Finally, they review some improvements and extensions that they are planning to address going forward.
es  eventsourcing  cqrs  scalability  architecture 
10 days ago by dewe
eventsourcing/main.go at master · jmatosp/eventsourcing
Ported Go example from Martin Fowler Event Sourcing - jmatosp/eventsourcing
golang  event-sourcing  eventsourcing 
20 days ago by pinterb

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