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excd.lab – exploring the evolution of cross-cultural diversity
The excd.lab investigates how the startling (yet not infinite!) variety in human culture has evolved. Led by Professor Fiona Jordan and based at the University of Bristol Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, we are interdisciplinary researchers and bring together methods and ideas from across anthropology, biology, and the cognitive and language sciences. Much of the work in the group uses computational evolutionary methods, particularly phylogenetics, but we also use experimental, field, linguistic, and elicitation approaches.

Our current work includes a study of the cross-cultural diversity of human kinship systems, experimental work on accent prestige and cultural transmission, research into the evolution of music endings, a study on the cultural adjustment of international students at the University of Bristol, and much more. For more details, see our research, people, and publication pages.

Why “excd.lab”?

Because we EXplore Cultural Diversity and we use Evolutionary and Cross (X) – Cultural methoDs. It’s pronounced “exceed”.
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3 days ago by tonyyet
Why Did Life Move to Land? For the View | Quanta Magazine
The ancient creatures who first crawled onto land may have been lured by the informational benefit that comes from seeing through air.
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3 days ago by gmisra

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