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Cupid, Interrupted
Data sets and regression analyses aside, the argument of Cheap Sex is straightforward. Sex is now less expensive than ever before, because its highest “costs”—pregnancy, childbearing, childrearing, and the rest of the procreative bundle—have been reduced by technological revolution(s). As Regnerus puts it, “Cheaper sex has been facilitated by three distinctive technological developments: (1) the wide uptake of the Pill as well as a mentality stemming from it that sex is ‘naturally’ infertile; (2) mass-produced high-quality pornography; and (3) the advent and evolution of online dating/meeting services.”
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Researchers are using Darwin’s theories to evolve artificial intelligence, so only the strongest algorithms survive — Quartz
For its research, the Google team generated 1,000 image-recognition algorithms that were trained using modern deep neural networks to recognize a specific set of images. Then 250 computers each chose two algorithms and tested their accuracy by making them identify an image. The algorithm with higher accuracy lived, while the one that performed poorly was “killed.” The survivor was then copied, and its clone (or “child”) was changed slightly—just like human DNA randomly changes during reproduction. But instead of blue eyes or a widow’s peak, this mutation slightly altered how the new algorithm interprets training data. The clone was then trained using the same data as its parent, and put back into the batch of 1,000 algorithms to start the process over again.

Google researchers found that neuroevolution could cultivate an algorithm with 94.6% accuracy, and recorded similar (though not identical) results during each of four repeats of the experiment. Mutations that improved the algorithm’s image-recognition skills were rewarded (i.e. those algorithms survived) while mutations that decreased performance were killed off. Just like in nature.
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RT : Excited to announce a new position. If you like , , and to understand how ani…
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