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Nasty, Brutish and Short: Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill? - Scientific American
Some research suggests a tendency toward violence has shaped our anatomy throughout evolution. But anthropologists are sharply divided
evolution  biology 
2 days ago by killforlove
Snake Heart
"...a patient who presented with chest pain and was found to have a coronary circulation and myocardial architecture resembling that of reptiles."
atavism  biology  evolution  medicine  wow 
3 days ago by swampers
#deep #time #earth #infographic #evolution #solarsystem #planet
deep  time  solarsystem  earth  evolution  planet  infographic 
3 days ago by mshook
Homosexualidad y evolución
¿Qué hay detrás del aparente "conflicto" que supone que la homosexualidad haya "sobrevivido" a la evolución?
blog  marta_iglesias  homosexuality  biology  evolution 
4 days ago by valentina

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