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How Ants Figured Out Farming Millions of Years Before Humans - The New York Times
We humans think we’re pretty smart because we invented farming. But we didn’t. In a rain forest in South America millions of years ago, itty-bitty ants with brains no bigger than a pinpoint had already figured it out. via Pocket
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2 days ago by casfindad
How community institutions create economic advantage: Jewish Diamond Merchants in New York
Why are America’s diamond merchants primarily Jewish? Jewish predominance in the diamond trade spans several centuries and continents, and activity in the modern-day industry is most concentrated in Jewish communities populated by the ultra-Orthodox. This article argues that community institutions within the Jewish community support diamond trans- actions and generate efficiencies that other economic organizations cannot achieve. Consequently, these community institutions give Jewish merchants comparative advantages over rivals.
The distinguishing feature of the diamond industry lies in the typical diamond transaction: trade in diamonds invites extraordinarily lucrative opportunities for industry players to cheat, most notably to steal another’s diamonds.
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2 days ago by Jibarosoy
Did last ice age affect breastfeeding in Native Americans?
A gene linked to shovel shaped teeth and breast ducts that increase vitamin D in milk seems to have appeared in at least one population that lived in the far north.
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3 days ago by mcherm
RT : Latest research on by Pobiner, Beardsley, Bertka, & Watson

Using human case studies t…
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3 days ago by jrosenau
Casualties of Your Own Success · Collaborative Fund
Evolution knows what it’s doing. And one of the things it does is give animals bigger bodies over time. Edward Drinker Cope was a 19th Century paleontologist. His work, later deemed Cope’s Rule – not universal enough to call a law – tracked the lineages of thousands of species and showed a clear bias towards animals evolving to become larger over time. Horses went from the size of small dogs to their modern height. Snakes from no larger than a inch to modern boas. Dinosaurs from 3-in...
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3 days ago by karl11

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