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The Talk.Origins Archive Post of the Month: May 2003
You are a metabolic organism.
As such, you are basically a collection of replicative proteins that function according to metabolic chemical reactions and processes. A virus is similar, in that it too is a replicative protein complete with mutable DNA and RNA, just as you have. But viruses lack metabolism, and so may not be considered to be alive in the same manner that you definitely are.
2 days ago by ritzluna
Structural complexity and molecular heterogeneity of a butterfly ejaculate reflect a complex history of selection
Male ejaculates exhibit remarkable diversity, including variation in their spatial and temporal molecular composition. This complexity suggests that ejaculates provide functions far beyond the delivery of sperm. Here, we investigated the molecular and functional specificity of the butterfly spermatophore, a structurally complex ejaculate. We discovered that its two distinct parts originate from separate regions of the male reproductive tract, are transferred sequentially during mating, and seem to be the result of a complex evolutionary history. We also highlight a large and previously unrecognized female contribution to the spermatophore, which calls into question traditional characterizations of females as passive recipients of these male ejaculates.

More generally, our study illustrates why the field of reproductive physiology should move beyond its empirical tendency to treat ejaculates as biochemically homogenous and strictly male-produced into exciting territory involving interactions between functionally integrated suites of male and female reproductive molecules. Such research is likely to change the way that we think about male–female reproductive interactions and open up avenues of inquiry into the specialized tissues that produce these unique properties of male ejaculates.

science  evolution  butterfly 
3 days ago by madamim
A brain computer interface can exist|
Connecter son ordi directement à l'ordinateur pourrait être bientôt possible
cerveau  Informatique  ordinateur  connection  evolution 
4 days ago by fschoubben
you can’t fake it – Freddie deBoer – Medium
> Go to a feminist academic conference where everyone has read, absorbed, and agreed with intellectual rejections of judgments of physical attractiveness. I promise you that most everyone in that space will nonetheless undertake an unchosen and immediate mental accounting of the relative physical attractiveness of most everyone in the room. They won’t voice it, thank god, and they’ll work to minimize its impact on the way they interact with each other, and that’s what matters. And they’ll have different individual sense of who is more attractive than who, and thank god for all of us. But nobody won’t notice who’s hotter than who. I’m just trying to be real with you here.
There’s been an admirable expansion lately in what kind of looks are considered hot, and every kind of person has someone who finds them attractive. But still, hot people exist, and science says they reap the benefits.
Trust me: none of this is an endorsement. All of it sucks. I agree 100% with the critique of these things. I just find the critique totally toothless when it comes to the persistence and power of this social phenomenon.
academia  freddie_deboer  attractiveness  evolution  2017  trends 
4 days ago by porejide

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