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(64) Joe Rogan Experience #1274 - Nicholas Christakis - YouTube
Discussing his experience of censorship at Yale, his book, and evolutionary questions into friendships, evolution of friendships/kin folks, free speech, evolutionary psychology of sex robots,
JoeRogan  evolution  censorship  free-speech 
5 days ago by HispanicPundit
Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked
Extended parental care is considered one of the hallmarks of human evolution. A stunning new research result published today in Nature reveals for the first time the parenting habits of one of our earliest extinct ancestors.
history  biology  evolution  science 
5 days ago by bradbarrish
Raising the American Weakling
Grip strength was a stronger predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality than systolic blood pressure.
health  evolution  automation 
5 days ago by mirthe
The future of GPS | HPE
The government's Global Positioning System program has been wildly successful, and more technology enhancements are on the way. However, the success of GPS may help explain why it's in peril.
gps  evolution  replacement  future 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
If Sapiens were a blog post | Neil Kakkar
me forgets how we evolved. It’s massive for a blog post, just under 30 minutes, but that’s the best I could do, condensing 9 hours worth of material.

I’ve tried to keep editing to a minimum
biology  books  evolution  history  sapiens 
6 days ago by danielpi

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