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Help! Hide a picture using vba?
ActiveSheet.Pictures("Picture59_Click").Visible = False
excel  vba 
16 hours ago by diam0nd
Run a macro based on text in a cell?
Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range)
Set target = Range("D4")
If target.Value = "Zero" Or target.Value = "None" Then
'Do Stuff
End If
End Sub
excel  vba 
16 hours ago by diam0nd
Excel Archival Tool
A VBS script for automatically converting Excel files
data_tool  preservation  Excel 
yesterday by m3gan0
SQLite / Excel
Excel addin/VBA to let you use sqlite from within Excel.
excel  addin  vba  sqlite 
yesterday by ktr
Excel Application Events And VBA
Example VBA to run every time a new workbook is opened
vba  excel  automation 
3 days ago by ktr

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