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albrow/fo: An experimental language which adds functional programming features to Go.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
functional  golang  programming  language  experiment 
16 hours ago by orlin
The Lifespan of a Lie – Trust Issues – Medium
“The reason I took the job was that I thought I’d have every day to sit around by myself and study for my GREs,” Korpi explained of the Graduate Record Exams often used to determine admissions, adding that he was scheduled to take the test just after the study concluded. Shortly after the experiment began, he asked for his study books. The prison staff refused. The next day Korpi asked again. No dice. At that point he decided there was, as he put it to me, “no point to this job.” First, Korpi tried faking a stomach-ache. When that didn’t work, he tried faking a breakdown. Far from feeling traumatized, he added, he had actually enjoyed himself for much of his short tenure in the jail, other than a tussle with the guards over his bed.
psychology  experiment  history  fake 
5 days ago by jomc
Homepage of the XENON1T Dark Matter Search
XENON1T is a highly sensitive experiment to search for direct interactions of Dark Matter particles.
government  science  astronomy  observatory  particle  physics  neutrino  experiment  research  abruzzo  italy 
6 days ago by asaltydog
lifespan of a lie
about the stanley prison experiment
psychology  experiment  stanley  prison  article 
6 days ago by msnu
The Lifespan of a Lie – Trust Issues – Medium
Failure to replicate: Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Exeriment
psychology  stanford  experiment  history  replication 
7 days ago by yig
The Lifespan of a Lie – Trust Issues – Medium
Psychologists: please read this.
We must stop celebrating this work. It’s anti-scientific. Get it out of textbooks.
experiment  history  prison  psychology 
7 days ago by jtth

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