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GNU Core Utilities Frequently Asked Questions -
<code class="language-bash"> alias del='mv --verbose --backup=simple --suffix=$(date +".(%F_%T)") --target-directory=$HOME/.Trash/'</code>

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12 weeks ago by kme
XFS vs EXT4 – Comparing MongoDB Performance on AWS EC2
AWS is a popular cloud platform for managing MongoDB deployments, but many wonder if XFS or an EXT4 Linux file system is best for their applications.
xfs  ext4fs  mongodb  mogno  performance  cloud  ideas 
november 2018 by xer0x
Ext4 sync times
Interesting Linux filesystem discussion; the new ext4fs only flushes data every 60 seconds or so, causing all sorts of problems with apps that don't fsync(). Ted T'so's comments are the most interesting.
linux  ext3fs  ext4fs  filesystems  fsync  ext4 
march 2009 by nelson

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