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filesystems - Internal and external fragmentation - Stack Overflow
Internal fragmentation: Typical paper book is a collection of pages (text divided into pages). When a chapter's end isn't located at the end of page and new chapter starts from new page, there's a gap between those chapters and it's a waste of space — a chunk (page for a book) has unused space inside (internally) — "white space"
External fragmentation: Say you have a paper diary and you didn't write your thoughts sequentially page after page, but, rather randomly. You might end up with a situation when you'd want to write 3 pages in row, but you can't since there're no 3 clean pages one-by-one, you might have 15 clean pages in the diary totally, but they're not contiguous
heap  fragmentation  internal  vs  external 
9 days ago by negril
Routing from Kubernetes to External VMs using the Ambassador API gateway: A Terraformed Playground
At Datawire, we are seeing more organizations migrating to their “next-generation” cloud-native platform built around Docker and Kubernetes. However, this migration doesn’t happen overnight…
ambassador  kubernetes  api  gateway  apigateway  api_gateway  external 
5 weeks ago by surkannan
Terraform external data source example - dynamic SSH key generation
Terraform external data source example - dynamic SSH key generation
terraform  external  data  resource  ssh  key 
6 weeks ago by pinterb
Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X
for external hard drives

::EDIT:: It does not work if the drivers are not there or if it is NTFS.
mac  commandline  portable  external  disk  drive  storage  backup 
7 weeks ago by mpcasey
ForeScout software scans network endpoints inside and out | Network World
ForeScout, which previously scanned network endpoints externally, is introducing client software that checks out machines as they try to join networks.

Secure Connector is a dissolvable agent that is downloaded to client machines and runs during a given session then dissolves. The agent can also be permanently installed on the client machines if, for example, they are managed by the customer.
sysadmin  it  admin  external  management 
10 weeks ago by gdw

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