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Happy Tuesday!
Sharing some pretty views.
EyeCandy  ShellRoad  SiestaKey  from twitter_favs
april 2019 by Ianc

Ouchhh created “POETIC AI” Solo Exhibition at Atelier des Lumières in Paris for 6 months! 50K pixel, 136 projectors...

By using machine learning and AI algorithms, we create scientific conscious Poetic Refraction of AI reality which learns from millions of lines of theory, articles and books about light, physics, space-time that is written by scientists who change the destiny of the world and write history.

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (
Sound Design: Mehmet Unal AudioFil
ncpin  ncv  AI  Design  VideoProjection  Motiondesign  Tech  EyeCandy 
may 2018 by walt74

music: Suda - Hive / Mind (
ncpin  ncv  Animation  Eyecandy  Design  Motiondesign  CGI  Shortfilms 
may 2018 by walt74

Film by Páraic McGloughlin
A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground - Arena.

Created using Google Earth imagery.

Pearse McGloughlin and I collaborated on the audio resulting in something between music and a soundtrack.
Audio mastered by TJ LippleHear

more of Pearse's music here :

Arena soundtrack available here:

Amber Willams at Directors Notes took the time to make an interview with me about the making of "Arena" and my work in general , you can check it out here:
Thanks a million Amber.
ncpin  ncv  Animation  Satellite  Eyecandy  Shortfilms 
april 2018 by walt74
Render Bender (3D Art Compilation) | Fox Den

Strap in and take a journey into the most top-shelf 3D art on the internet.

Directed and hosted by Sam Rolfes

Erik Ferguson:
Sam Lyon/Jellygummies;
Simon Christoph Krenn:
Paris Psalter:
Zachary Darren Corzine:
Martin Olsson:
Wesley Kimler:
Music by Kai Whiston:
Video  ncpin  ncv  Animation  Motiondesign  CGI  Eyecandy  Shortfilms 
april 2018 by walt74

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