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Dark mode isn't as good for your eyes as you believe
The shadowy display mode has leagues of fans claiming it helps reduce eye strain, lengthen battery time and improve sleep. But dark mode isn't quite the screen saviour it's made out to be
design  ergonomic  screen  color  eyes  health 
2 days ago by vipom
VPN Comparison by That One Privacy Guy
Welcome to the VPN Comparison!  This section is meant to be a resource to those who value their privacy, specifical...
vpn  comparison  privacy  eyes  nsa 
19 days ago by sphere2k
Why Our Pupils Are Round, Cat’s Are Slit And Herbivores’ Are Rectangular? – Juan Pascual
The pupil presents different shapes depending on their eating habits of different animals. We can say that herbivores, generally those with daily habits and in the lower part of the food chain have horizontally elongated or rectangular pupils. Dogs, humans and the great felines have round pupils, while cats, foxes -and some reptiles- have vertical pupils.
eyes  cats  dogs  hebivore  pupil  shape  slit  round  square  iris  morphology 
21 days ago by gdw
Babies who use eye contact more likely to build up vocabulary | Science | The Guardian
Babies who use eye contact more likely to build up vocabulary
Researchers looked at 12-month-olds’ vocalisations, gestures and gazes, and at how caregivers responded

Anna Ploszajski. The Guardian. 12 September 2019

. . . . . . . . .

The scientists then used statistical models to find that the best predictor of vocabulary at 24 months was when infants were seen to use vocalisations while looking at their caregiver’s face when they were about a year old. The benefits were even greater when these interactions were followed by responses from the caregiver.

The statistics showed that at 19 months, children had an average of about 100 words. Those who exhibited the beneficial interactive behaviour earlier in life were seen to have an average of about 30 extra words.
eyes  the.face  405F19  via:asfaltics 
4 weeks ago by disegno

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