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On the Road to Uruguay’s Barely Known and Beautiful Beaches - The New York Times
<<“Todo tranqui” — it’s all good! — is a phrase you get used to hearing when you spend time in Uruguay. This small country has a laid-back vibe that’s like Xanax for the soul, plus some of the best beaches in South America to boot.>> ¡Felicitaciones Tali Kimelman por tus fotos!
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1 hour ago by jikatu
Marketing pals - this is truly impressive work unearthed by a recent court case. Sweet £3M for the team for a few months work. Politics pals - read and learn. Read and learn. This is standard operating procedure for any political campaign these days. A proposal outlining, at a high level, an influence campaign and an intelligence collection operation. The content is extremely interesting reading. Moreso when you realize you’re reading a proposal for a marketing campaign that has weaponised terminology. This is a simple modern digital media advertising proposal. Collect info, analyze audience, select messaging as appropriate for the individual target, deliver the message via covert channels (impersonating characters that are expected to resonate with the target) and high impact influencers. Although not novel or sensational, this is a really fascinating read on its own merits.
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6 hours ago by alexmel
Mo | By Derek Jeter
Sandman enters HOF with unanimous votes. I had a privilege to watch Enter Sandman in person more than 20 times when I lived in New York. Mo was as steady as ever. I still remember Alice and I watching Mo collecting his 600th saves at Yankee Stadium. Alice didn't and probably still doesn't indulge as much baseball/yankees as I do. So I told her, plain and simple: when Mo's playing, baseball only has for 8 innings.
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10 hours ago by chenyang
Dave Lewis - It was 50 years ago: You can never have too much of a...
It was 50 years ago: You can never have too much of a great thing – some of the Led Zeppelin I pressings I’ve accumulated over the years…
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11 hours ago by rgl7194
Dave Lewis - Led Zeppelin I – it was 50 years ago… Despite often...
Led Zeppelin I – it was 50 years ago…
Despite often being attributed to either Sunday, January 12, 1969 or Friday, January 17, 1969, the correct “official” release date of the debut album might well have been Monday, January 20, 1969.
As Mike Tremaglio has noted, it’s this release date that was referenced in an Atlantic Records memo accompanying white label advance LPs issued to radio stations by June Harris on December 30, 1968.
The album debuted on the Billboard charts at #99 on February 15, 1969 and peaked at #10 on May 17, 1969. It stayed in the top twenty LPs for 30 consecutive weeks, from March 8, 1969 through September 27, 1969
Thanks Mike for that info – I think the aforementioned album will be on the player here today…in fact for the rest of the week…
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11 hours ago by rgl7194
In case you were wondering. The sinkhole in DC is not like those in the Lehigh Valley or Florida
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11 hours ago by StevenPatz

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