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Lööf och Björklund är beviset för att våra politiker står för något | Aftonbladet
| Lööf och Björklund är beviset för att våra politiker står för något "Det har varit mycket gnäll i landet om att de politiska partierna inte kommer överens och rikskverulanten Jimmie Åkesson har som vanligt varit gnälligast. Från riksdagens talarstol…"
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18 minutes ago by ollesvensk
The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Audio) - YouTube
Listened to the new White Album 2018 mix. "Why mess with perfection?" some people will say, but I'm gonna have to admit some tracks sound pretty amazing. As with the original, it's hard to believe some of these songs are from 1968.
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6 hours ago by jwest38765
In stunning loss, 83% of Santa Monica Mountains federal parkland burned in Woolsey fire
In stunning loss, 83% of Santa Monica Mountains federal parkland burned in Woolsey fire:
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9 hours ago by juniorbird
Folks check out this great short interview on KQED's website, with Bay Area director Pete Lee who is the real deal. Glad I got to mix his film last year.
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10 hours ago by jeremiahmoore
Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
"If you ever inspected your requests to big company's API's in the browser, you might have noticed some weird javascript before the JSON itself:



Why would they waste few bytes to invalidate this JSON?

To protect your data
Without those important bytes, it could be possible for any website to access this data.

This vulnerability is called JSON hijacking, and allows websites to extract the JSON data from those API's."
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12 hours ago by earth2marsh
Todo listo para mi charla sobre... - Jimmy Baikovicius
Todo listo para mi charla sobre fotografía en “Los Contadores de Historias”, ciclo organizado por Jorge Traverso JT, martes 13 de noviembre, 19:00 en My Suites Hotel; todavía hay tiempo para llegar :-)
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14 hours ago by jikatu
Building Switch Software at Facebook Scale – Facebook Research
This week at ACM SIGCOMM 2018 in Budapest, Hungary, we are sharing details on FBOSS, the system running on Facebook-designed network switches powering our global data centers. Our SIGCOMM paper, Building Switch Software at Facebook Scale, provides the details on how we design, implement and operate one of the world’s largest open source switch platforms at scale.
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14 hours ago by euler
Facebook failed to police how its partners handled user data • The New York Times
Nicholas Confessore, Michael LaForgia and Gabriel J.X. Dance:
<p>When a team from PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted the initial F.T.C.-mandated assessment in 2013, it tested Facebook’s partnerships with Microsoft and Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry handset. In both cases, PricewaterhouseCoopers found only “limited evidence” that Facebook had monitored or checked its partners’ compliance with its data use policies. That finding was redacted from a public version of PricewaterhouseCoopers’s report released by the F.T.C. in June.

“Facebook claimed that its data-sharing partnerships with smartphone manufacturers were on the up and up,” [Oregon Democratic senator Ron] Wyden said. “But Facebook’s own, handpicked auditors said the company wasn’t monitoring what smartphone manufacturers did with Americans’ personal information, or making sure these manufacturers were following Facebook’s own policies.” He added, “It’s not good enough to just take the word of Facebook — or any major corporation — that they’re safeguarding our personal information.”

In a statement, a Facebook spokeswoman said, “We take the F.T.C. consent order incredibly seriously and have for years submitted to extensive assessments of our systems.” She added, “We remain strongly committed to the consent order and to protecting people’s information.”

Facebook, like other companies under F.T.C. consent decree, largely dictates the scope of each assessment. In two subsequent assessments, Facebook’s October letter suggests, the company was graded on a seemingly less stringent policy with data partners. On those two, Facebook had to show that its partners had agreed to its data use policies.

A Wyden aide who reviewed the unredacted assessments said they contained no evidence that Facebook had ever addressed the original problem. The Facebook spokeswoman did not directly address the 2013 test failure, or the company’s apparent decision to change the test in question.</p>

The FTC hit Facebook with a privacy consent decree in 2010. Except Facebook gets to decide the scope of the assessment? That's ludicrous. And then PWC redacts important content?
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14 hours ago by charlesarthur

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