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[Easy Chair] | Preaching to The Choir, by Rebecca Solnit | Harper's Magazine
Rebecca Solnit on preaching to the choir. It's a set of very good points about encouraging camaraderie and deepening into our understandings of our own beliefs. Worthwhile short read. Note: Harpers is paywalled but has a quantity of free views.
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11 hours ago by jeremiahmoore
Pedro Sánchez: “Nadie ha hecho tanto contra el autogobierno de Cataluña como el secesionismo” | España | EL PAÍS
<<Los socialistas ofrecen también un horizonte de salida de la crisis a Cataluña, la reforma constitucional, que Sánchez pactó con Rajoy abrir el próximo año. "No ha habido en la historia política de España un autogobierno tan intenso y profundo para Cataluña como el que ha reconocido la Constitución del 78", defiende el líder del PSOE, que cree que ahora España está en los umbrales de "aprobar la primera Constitución en Europa del siglo XXI". No quiere el PSOE una reforma para contentar a los independentistas, porque ha de ser "mucho más amplia que el modelo territorial". "Empecemos a responder a la pregunta de qué queremos que sea España", pide el líder del PSOE.>
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11 hours ago by jikatu
New York Officials Fear Closing of U.S. Lab Combating Biological Threats - The New York Times
What do you do with a lab that detects nuclear and biological threats to New York? If you’re Trump, you close it.
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11 hours ago by zeldman
Fighting Racism Is Not Just a War of Words - The New York Times
“Our proliferation of statements online may in fact spur those who enjoy setting off shock waves through race-baiting language and then sitting back and watching the show.” The change we need can‘t be won with words alone.
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12 hours ago by zeldman
Flying above Upper Grand with special appearances by: The Broad, The Emerson, Disney Concert Hall, AT&T Tower, One Wilshire, The Gas Company Tower, Pez Cantina, Colbun School, City Hall and more. - Music courtesy of Colur
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12 hours ago by eecue
Hamilton cast performs "My Shot" at White House - YouTube
a little obsessed with this soundtrack lately. great song from an amazing show.
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14 hours ago by jlaker
CELTIC FROST - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
CELTIC FROST - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh. Taken from the album "Monotheist" Century Media Records 2006. CMDistro - via Pocket
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17 hours ago by kkahnharris

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