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Chatrče, bída a krysy. Svědectví ze Sibiře, kde Rusko těží své ropné bohatství - Seznam Zprávy
iste si viete predstaviť, ako to vyzerá v oblasti, kde sa ťaží množstvo ropy - ako tam vyzerá infraštruktúra, ako tam ľudia zarábajú ... tak si pozrite, ako to vyzerá v rusku v oblasti, kde sa ťaží polovica ruskej ropy ...
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17 hours ago by romanca
27 Boozy Desserts To Make This Christmas
This year I asked Santa to bring me a cake full of bourbon.
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17 hours ago by marieiscool
Brett Archibald Fell Into Shark-Infested Waters and Survived
<<But the year after I was back, I fought the biggest battle of my life. I went into a deep depression. I sought out every kind of religious man, from pastors, priests, to our local church guy. Maybe God had given me a message that I should go and join the church. But I knew I couldn’t do that. So I was in this huge dilemma. I was then catapulted onto the inspirational talking circuit. I spoke to a group of Jewish businessmen. Afterwards we were having tea and I was telling the rabbi about my dilemma and he said, “Son, you’re fighting all the wrong things! God rescued you so you could go on the stage and share this story. I’m Jewish, I don’t believe in the Virgin Mary, yet it’s one of the most powerful survival stories I’ve ever heard.” To date, I’ve given over 300 talks to more than 35,000 people, in nine countries, and that’s what I now believe. That rabbi helped me come to that understanding.>>
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19 hours ago by jikatu
Los planes secretos de Amazon para instalarse en la Argentina
<<Mercado Libre tiene 5.000 empleados en la región: la mayoría en Brasil (1.800) y la Argentina (1.500). En la actualidad, en su plataforma tienen 106 millones de productos a la venta, 3.000 tiendas virtuales. Se realizan 9 ventas y 4.000 búsquedas por segundo. Contabiliza 27,7 millones de personas que compran habitualmente. En el país, además, cuentan con una estructura logística para envíos gratuitos.Y una larga trayectoria.>>
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19 hours ago by jikatu
National Fire Situational Awareness
Best map I've seen of the Thomas Fire yet (frequently updated). Impressed that the SB Zoo got a few animals (Condors among them) down to the LA Zoo yesterday, because the thing about Santa Barbara is that the 101 is your only way south, through Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria. And that was all a mess yesterday.
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21 hours ago by zyrcster
もじ鉄が気になる「名鉄のデザイン」とは? - mitok(ミトク)
もじ鉄が気になる「名鉄のデザイン」とは? - #もじ鉄
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22 hours ago by minoguchi
「JR東日本、東京メトロ、東急電鉄、京王電鉄の鉄道公式アプリが連携をスタート」 / 4社公式アプリ連携スタート!
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yesterday by minoguchi
Trump's signature would end 3-decade wait for tax reform - POLITICO
<<The start of the conservative tax-cutting movement is frequently traced back to 1974, when a young economics professor named Art Laffer met with an equally young Dick Cheney, then a top aide to President Gerald Ford. Meeting at a bar, Laffer doodled the case that cutting taxes can increase revenues for the government on a napkin, a theory now known as the Laffer Curve.>>
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yesterday by jikatu
3-mile wide asteroid to pass near Earth tonight, may hit us in future -
<<It is not known definitively how devastating a 3-mile wide asteroid impact would be on Earth, and may actually depend on the place that it struck (water vs. land). The asteroid that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs was 6.2 miles wide in diameter, and struck a large gypsum deposit that sent sulphur into the atmosphere, blotting the sun for perhaps years and killing much plant life. If the asteroid had hit a slightly different spot on Earth, the outcome might have been very different. Major extinction events on Earth, generally caused by asteroid impacts, are believed to happen at least once every hundred million years, and perhaps more frequently. The last major extinction event, known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, was caused by the aforementioned asteroid and killed off much of the large land-dwelling life on Earth, including dinosaurs, about 66 million years ago. That impact paved the way for the rise of small mammals who were the ancestors to all humans. If an asteroid on course to strike Earth is detected with enough of a lead time, even a tiny application of force — say, a mirror or a laser pointed at it to slowly push it to one direction — would be enough to push it off course and prevent an impact with Earth. The trick is finding said asteroid far enough in advance, as a last-minute diversion or tactical nuke, as depicted in films like "Armageddon," is unlikely to be practical nor physically possible.>>
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yesterday by jikatu

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