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ClaimBuster - Slack App
ClaimBuster provides a platform for you to evaluate pieces of text and identify sentences that are check-worthy. This is our first step in our long-term goal of automating fact-checking. Our Slack app allows you to score individual sentences using the /getscore claim command, fact-check individual sentences using the /factcheck claim command, create a Dropbox folder on our servers using the /createfolder e-mail command (after which you can directly place files in that folder for processing), store text files from the web into your assigned Dropbox folder for future processing on our servers using the /processfile e-mail file-url command, and submit feedback to help us keep improving our services using the /claimbusterfeedback message command.
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8 days ago by paulbradshaw
How journalists can responsibly report on manipulated pictures and video
If we choose to feature a manipulated video in my reporting, have we thought about using selected clips or images instead of embedding or linking to the original (while being mindful of any additional copyright considerations)?
Can we overlay the manipulated content with graphics or text that clearly inform audiences of how the video has been manipulated?
Have we thought about the language we are using to describe this type of disinformation? It may be useful to explain that the content is “altered,” “manipulated” or “distorted,” rather than to say that it is “fake”, which may be confusing to readers especially when the disinformation is based on genuine photos or videos.
Where possible, have we led with the truth and avoided repeating or amplifying the intended outcome or accusatory language in the headline?
Have we provided context and presented the existence of a piece of content within a bigger picture relating to intentions, motivations, threat and harm?
Before referring to a falsehood, have we provided an explanation of why it is false and evidence to support verified conclusions?
Have we taken care not to undermine or make fun of those who believe the manipulated content? Doing so can lead to a hardening of these beliefs.
verification  ethics  rt  factchecking 
8 days ago by paulbradshaw
TinEye Reverse Image Search
TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Search by image: Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web.
reverse  image  search  factchecking  tools 
24 days ago by barbaramaseda
We’ve reached the apogee of on .

Professor Mary Beard is factchecking…
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4 weeks ago by sdp
Current situation of in Belgium? Short and excellent overview by
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5 weeks ago by frederikmarain
Research showed intervention ( inc. confirmation) *does* have an impact on people's *belief* i…
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
(99+) (PDF) “Fact-checking Africa”: Epistemologies, data and the expansion of journalistic discourse | David Cheruiyot -
The prominence of “fake news” today has sparked an open challenge to the legitimacy of traditional news media. As a result, a series of independent data-driven organisations are emerging to fact-check legacy news media as well as other news sources. This study examines how these actors advocate and adopt journalistic practice and the perceived impact they have on news journalism. We draw our data from in-depth interviews with 14 practitioners working in three organisations—Code for Africa, Open Up and Africa Check—that are currently leading major data and fact-checking operations in sub-Saharan Africa. Our findings show that while these non-journalistic actors are at the periphery of news media as institutions, their operations, activities and goals are at the heart of journalistic discourse. In their data strategies, they emerge as data advocates and activists seeking to reformulate fact-checking processes within news media.
factchecking  africa  Research 
7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
How (and why) to turn a fact check into a GIF - Poynter
Unlike previous GIFs by Chequeado, conceived primarily as data visualizations, these aim to entertain. The politicians are caricatured, their expressions changing gradually as their misstatements get exposed.
gifs  gif  factchecking 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Full Fact has been fact-checking Facebook posts for six months. Here’s what they think needs to change » Nieman Journalism Lab
Full Fact is enlisting help in fact-checking public health issues — which often pop up on Facebook, and which are beyond its in-house expertise. “We are concerned that we are finding areas where it is hard to find sources of impartial and authoritative expert advice, particularly from organizations that are capable of responding in time to be relevant to modern online public debate,” the authors write.

Most of the false health-related claims in Full Fact’s queue are related to vaccines, but Full Fact also saw others — like a claim that “if you are suffering a heart attack, you should cough repeatedly in order to keep your heart beating” (false) and a claim that pregnancy tests can be used to check for testicular cancer (false). Full Fact hopes to work with Facebook to “identify and prioritize more particularly harmful content,” especially content relating to public health — the report’s authors realize that they’re only seeing a sliver of the harmful fake content out there.
factchecking  fb  report  health  algorithms 
10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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