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With circulating that "nobody rides transit in West Vancouver" we need to better tell our own stories.…
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Here's founder Pratik Sinha on why spreads and how can we curb it.…
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"From reports of news” sites, to questions about who is purchasing political ads, to massive ad fraud ope…
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Knight Media Forum on Livestream
structural value of local news never of interest to financial

tech industry affected the industry. but it was set up to fail
tech was built in response to the takeove
tech fundamentally focuses on the abstraction, it focuses on generalization, on scale and above all on growth. When you think about Abstraction you lose all the local value, all of the structure there. so when an abstracted entity tries to produce local information it will fail because it is not actually rooted within community. Tech knows how to universalize and it knows how to scale scale. It does not know how to bring it down to the root of the local communities, that is one of the reasons why we're seeing the fragmentation of epistemologies
Apply the same kind of scriptural sense making to the news.
scriptural inference to google searches

instead of using a search engine to research the topic.
Go to google to get "affirmation of something".
Listening to Talk radio and other media this community was consuming: they were being told how to search the process is to find the right search query before you even begin.
Process and project of going to a search engine is to find the right query. We're back to the manipulation part.

headlines mattered more than anything
54:41 – title text that surround it is the end of the story than the beginning of it.
This was not how google was designed. It is designed to be data driven. it has an epispimongy that knowledge is within the data and that people will click the headlines.

Those in People in journalisms know there is a constrant struggle about what the headlines do: are they trying to get people in to read or do they do the work on their own.
Exploiters know how to exploit the surround information.

Misinformation is not a new problem
exploitation of media game. personal profit ideological organization gain.
leverage vulternativlies to achieve specific goals.
engineers design for how the tool might be used
journalists write for how they hope the information might be consumed.
policy makers create laws how they hope it will make certain types of change.
most people who like to build, like to create, inform, like to imagine all the awesome ways their creations might be used. they don't like to think about how they might be exploited.

We all hope for what will happen so we can justify the actions we've taken, rather than struggle with all the things that might happen as a byproduct of our very very good intentions.
needless to say, I'd love structures and processes to proactively think about what might go wrong.
security community exploited, build resilience. mindset critical for community and for news.
but it is a particular kind of mindset for certain people and not for other.
building the right structures to allow people to imagine a future that is amazing, and imagine all the things that can go wrong is a really hard organizational challenge.
But I also want to point out this is a point of Institutional friction: putting that in is hard.
the cultural wars as we look at them, we don't like to find the hard ways through, we like to find all the things we can blame the things we can fixed. Technology.
I argue this is rooted in epistmeoligcal fragmentation.
Differences between how people build knowledge is fragmenting the social fabric of this country.
most visible right now about political debates about access to information.

They no longer know each other, no bridges to realize they're different.
some people focus on substitute .
I focus on the structure of local news.
local news contextualized international news. conceptual connection.
anchored epistopmoisgal difference. allowed ways to see the world differently. [BOSTON!]
ethnic, tremendous community service.

tech know

epistomiy is societal project
Countries have continually struggled over
humanizing and building those connection in local fabric to build it up as a whole.
military is a social project itself.

not just building networks of the same kind
resilience is having networks of people you can turn too. knit people together.
commitment to national service: stragecially built to build network.
not just militaristic project, build people difference put them together.
that's what it means to think about diversity.
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Really, he's sounding like Orson Welles during War of the Worlds broadcast.
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and play from accoun, they are inventing a Troika Laundromat trope.…
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7 days ago by kexrex
Twitter reveals big changes to conversations and new camera features
We’re also actually working on changing the product and changing the policies to improve the health of the conversations,” Coleman said, pointing to faster and more “proactive” enforcement including the takedown of accounts spreading hoaxes and conspiracy theories.
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Orban publishes his letter in which he apologizes for the , anti campaign for EPP parties. What could…
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