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Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Tree-Planting
These were competing heritage narratives of the same event—the clearing away of trees in the 1960s. The two narratives are in conflict, but it was the women’s version, based on their lived experiences, that led to their decision to reject the trees today. It’s not that they didn’t trust the trees; they didn’t trust the city.
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5 hours ago by craniac
First Draft case study: Understanding the impact of polio vaccine disinformation in Pakistan - First Draft
Thanks @puntofisso for featuring this in your newsletter. What a complex story of treachery on so many fronts!
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yesterday by rcollings
According to official Swedish statistics, the number of reported crimes in 2018 shows an inc…
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3 days ago by kexrex
Did Propose to Federal Pay Raises, Citing 'Serious Economic Conditions'?
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4 days ago by fedfeed
Brazilian left-wing media (), & hysterical politicians such as try to accuse Pres.…
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6 days ago by piotrwojcicki
These Students Are Learning About Fake News and How to Spot It - The New York Times
News literacy instruction is flourishing in the wake of the 2016 election as worries about fake news grow.
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8 days ago by barbarafister
Deepfakes and Disinformation: Exploring the Impact of Synthetic Political Video on Deception, Uncertainty, and Trust in News - Cristian Vaccari, Andrew Chadwick, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) now enables the mass creation of what have become known as “deepfakes”: synthetic videos that closely resemble real videos ....We find that people are more likely to feel uncertain than to be misled by deepfakes, but this resulting uncertainty, in turn, reduces trust in news on social media. We conclude that deepfakes may contribute toward generalized indeterminacy and cynicism, further intensifying recent challenges to online civic culture in democratic societies.
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9 days ago by barbarafister
The fake 'kitchen hacks' with billions of views - BBC News
Neškodné aneb hacky z kuchyně, které nefungují s miliony zhlédnutími.
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9 days ago by garcon

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