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Written In The Stars Chapter by gilmoregirl1979
What if Luke and Lorelai hooked up when they first met? Turns out a lot of things and lives change.
fanfiction  gilmoregirls  luke/lorelai  lukedanes  lorelaigilmore  rorygilmore  romance  friendship  family  rory&luke  emilygilmore  richardgilmore 
9 hours ago by ficrecbitch
Father's Day, 2007 by fishbag
Luke and Rory meet up at O'Hare airport for Father's Day, 2007.
fanfiction  gilmoregirls  lukedanes  rorygilmore  rory&luke  family  postep  friendship 
10 hours ago by ficrecbitch
The Decline And Fall Of The European Union | Zero Hedge
This exhaustion of the neocolonial-neofeudal model was inevitable, and as a result, so too is the decline and fall of the European integration/exploitation project...
europe  family 
12 hours ago by foliovision
Rücken Camera Backpack Review: Affordable All-Round Bag
I recently tried out the Rücken Camera Backpack from BAGSMART to see if it would live up to the promise of a universal combo camera bag & all-day backpack.The Rücken is endowed with style. It would look at home on the back of a plaid-clad hipster in the big smoke, commuting on a zippy bicycle, or even hiking in the mountains. And of course, on an all-day photography walk.
travel  blog  family  holiday  With  Bender 
14 hours ago by travelwithbender
James Middleton reveals his battle with the 'cancer' of depression
he had wanted to speak out about his plight after feeling compelled to do so by the inspiring work of the Duchess, Prince William and Prince Harry with their mental health charity, Heads Together.

He also credited his dogs, Ella, Inca, Luna, Zulu and Mabel, with helping his recovery and has since become a volunteer for the charity, Pets as Therapy.
england  health  family 
21 hours ago by foliovision
A six year old Beatrice asks Violet and Klaus to explain just exactly how they are all related.
A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Events  Gen  Violet_Baudelaire  Klaus_Baudelaire  Beatrice_Baudelaire_II  family  post-canon  fluff  g  fic 
yesterday by ashleytotherescue
Flesh of My Flesh
Leia was not adopted. She was stolen in the middle of the night and registered to House Organa with forged papers. This was kidnapping, a class one felony, and her parents could be executed -- unless she returned voluntarily to her rightful father. Immediately.

A man called Grand Moff Tarkin explained this to Leia when she was eleven years old.
Star_Wars  Gen  Leia_Organa  Darth_Vader  family  humor  Canon_AU  PG-13  fic 
2 days ago by ashleytotherescue
Evidence of Things Not Seen
This is one secret Vader will try to take to his grave.
Star_Wars  Gen  Darth_Vader  Leia_Organa  family  g  fic 
2 days ago by ashleytotherescue
Comes to Embrace (With the Love and the Light of Her Face)
A particle of light cracks through the dark, and delivers your humanity.

(shen qingqiu's platonic and sisterly and professional relationship female harem no hetero)
author:mightylongfall  friendship(fandom.tag)  *gen  *liuqingge/shenqingqiu  2019  =scum.villain  wc:1-5k  canon  family 
2 days ago by claudine
RT : Settling into our new city!!! 🇯🇵❤️👌🏻
japan  family  kobe  newlife  familygoals  from twitter
2 days ago by hiro
Burberry twins Ruth and May Bell on their career paths if they weren't models | Daily Mail Online
'I wanted to be a pilot, she wanted to be a paramedic': Burberry twins Ruth and May Bell reveal the VERY different careers they would have pursued if they weren't models
Sisters were discovered by a model scout while on holiday in Paris aged 15
Signed with Elite Model London in 2013 and landed massive campaigns
Starred in Mario Testino's Burberry adverts alongside Dylan Brosnan  
Supermodel twins Ruth and May Bell have revealed just how different their lives could have been if they had not been scouted.
Ruth and May, both 19, would have taken very different career paths if they had not been spotted while on holiday in Paris.
The sisters, born in Ashford, Kent, recently starred in Mario Testino's latest Burberry campaign wanted careers in distinctly less glamorous fields - aviation and the ambulance service.
fashion  model  family  hair 
3 days ago by rgl7194
The Ocean’s Eleven trilogy is surprisingly great family viewing
As children grow older, parents learn to breathe a little easier, their roles finally evolving from just keeping small, fragile beings alive every minute of every damn day. The terrifying mobility of toddlerhood gives way to a brief, blessed time when children can actually dress, eat, and walk by themselves—a sweet spot that continues until the worst and final stage invades, when kids stop speaking to their parents altogether (age 13 and up). Throughout, however, the burden of keeping children entertained never lessens; entire guides have been written on the subject. And after they outgrow Disney films, and the opportunity presents itself to fill those few allotted hours of screen time with something more compelling than The Octonauts, finding a family-friendly movie you can all enjoy presents an all-new challenge. You can only watch so many superheroes.
Purely by accident, I stumbled onto an unexpectedly perfect franchise to watch with my own children: the Ocean’s trilogy. First released 15 years ago this week, Ocean’s Eleven took the slick noir style Steven Soderbergh applied to Out Of Sight and brought it—and George Clooney—to his update of the classic Rat Pack heist film. A fan of Soderbergh since Sex, Lies, And Videotape, I loved the film immediately for its hypnotically cool aesthetics—its showy edits and split screens, its Las Vegas rendered in deep reds and blacks, its captivating, retro-lounge score from David Holmes. But while I, a grownup film buff, appreciated Ocean’s Eleven for all these things and more, I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that it might hold the same interest for my kids.
movies  oceans_11  review  family 
3 days ago by rgl7194
three eggs equals four kids
The thing is, even if Della stayed, Donald would've been the better parent. But that doesn't mean Della isn't going to try her best.
DuckTales_2017  Gen  Della_Duck  Webbie_Vanderquack  family  g  fic 
4 days ago by ashleytotherescue

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