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Henry – Rob Delaney
Note: I wrote all of this except the last paragraph in April or May of 2017. I changed names as well, except for Henry’s.
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2 hours ago by paulgreer
Take That to the (Memory) Bank - nightwalker - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes something happened and Stanley would forget again.

Fortunately he's got Ford around to make sure he remembers.
fic  id:nightwalker  f:GravityFalls  gen  family  post-canon  h/c  short  'ao3 
2 hours ago by esther_a
Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Kids - The New York Times
It doesn’t make you look authoritative. It makes you look out of control to your kids. It makes you look weak.
family  health  kids  children  parenting 
9 hours ago by jheady
Hotel Endsleigh
Hotel Endsleigh is a Grade I historic house set in 100 acres of fairytale woodland, follies and grottos created by Humphry Repton. The Duke of Bedford, who owned a third of Devon, chose this spot for his fishing and hunting lodge.
hotel  devon  stay  vacation  holiday  family 
11 hours ago by markhgn
'You start getting bitter': what I learned from 43 years in prison | Society | The Guardian
Today, he takes us round the back of the prison to show us how he escaped. A row of terrace houses – staff accommodation – lines one side of the wall. Massey was working in the gym and escaped using netting from a five-a-side goal to make thin but strong rope… He knew from a stint in Pentonville in the 70s that there was a padlocked hatch in one of the toilets that led to the roof. He undid the padlock and hid in the gym. At 6pm, he opened the hatch, climbed on to the roof and went over the wall… As he talks, a woman emerges from a house behind the prison’s wicket gate. “What are you doing?” she asks Massey. “I escaped from here in 2012 – oldest prisoner ever to climb that wall.” She looks closely at him. “‘Oh my goodness,” she says. “I know your face,” Massey says. “You were on A wing?” “Yes, I’m a psychologist. Hello, John, you all right?” “I’m not on the run. I was released a few weeks ago.” “That’s good to hear,” she says. A fascinating interview with a man who’s been a prisoner most of his life, yet lived his life on his own terms.
ifttt  tumblr  society  crime  family  prison  interviews  escapes  tobereviewed 
yesterday by creature
no aphrodisiac like loneliness - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is 27 now, with a master’s degree and a career and a house and a serious boyfriend and a life in San Francisco that doesn't include Derek. But then Stiles unexpectedly shows back up in Beacon Hills, and Derek would recognize that scent anywhere.
1:teenwolf  2:derek/stiles  h/c  peace  family  *** 
yesterday by pollipocket
Many Ways to Be a Girl, but One Way to Be a Boy: The New Gender Rules | Claire Cain Miller | NYT: The Upshot
In a new poll, girls say they feel empowered, except when it comes to being judged on how they look. Boys still feel they have to be strong, athletic and stoic. ..
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yesterday by AfroMaestro
find-my-iphone - npm
Trigger Apple's Find My iPhone feature from code
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4 days ago by jkeefe
Babcia Knows Best - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there's a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.
1:teenwolf  2:derek/stiles  family  sweet  *** 
4 days ago by pollipocket
Snow Flirting - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
As Beacon Hills get pounded with foot after foot of snow, single dad Stiles can't quite keep up with his four year old, his job, and shoveling his driveway. Derek makes his teenage son shovel Stiles' walk, and that just leads to Derek helping Stiles out with a whole bunch of other tasks. That's okay with Derek, though, cause any chance to be with Stiles is okay with him.
1:teenwolf  2:derek/stiles  fluffy  family  au  *** 
4 days ago by pollipocket
Home - HappySelf
A journal for kids aged 6-12 to promote happiness, develop positive habits and nurture enquiring minds
kids  journal  family  mentalhealth  books  children 
4 days ago by rwintle

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