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Empyrea by ohkates
"For centuries, twelve Guardians and the Knights who serve them have protected Mankind from the fearsome Keres, ancient beings with a thirst for human souls. However, a series of sudden and brutal attacks threatens the fragile peace between Realms. Now Hawk, a Knight who bows before no one, and Kira, a young inventor, find themselves in the eye of the storm and will have to rely on each other to navigate through decadent Courts of intrigue and deceit... "
super gorgeous and the story is intriguing
webcomic  art  fantasy  wip  recommended 
9 hours ago by Laria_Gwyn
Memorabilia by escente
"A young man wakes up in a foreign country, and finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy of cosmic scale. "
fantasy  webcomic  art  unread 
9 hours ago by Laria_Gwyn
Javier Arrés GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF love, happy, cool, coffee, heart, star, colors, stars, cars, fantasy, cafe, ship, characters, building, colours, factory, neon lights, smiles, steampunk, billboards, coffee shop, machinery, coffee cup, coffee mug, coffee lover, coffee machine, happy family, vintage cars, happy house, cool places, coffee works, havana coffe works new zealand, cool bussiness, coffee new zealand, front cars, cuba flag, cool coffee shop, asia coffe, coffee factory, happy coffee shop, best places, vintage coffee Giphy ______
love  happy  cool  coffee  heart  star  colors  stars  cars  fantasy  cafe  ship  characters  building  colours  factory  neon  lights  smiles  steampunk  billboards  shop  machinery  cup 
2 days ago by architektura
She said that owls understand
her because everyone thinks
they're cute until they tear your
heart out and teach you why
they did it.
fantasy  twitter  poetry 
4 days ago by jonellnapper
Buddy copy movie in a High Fantasy LA
la  movies  fantasy  trailer 
4 days ago by nelson
Rib by Yukimi Ogawa
How convenient, this loose-fitting thing called a kimono. When the sky was not light enough to see me properly, not dark enough for people to feel too alarmed, that was the time of day I'd walk around among humans. I loved the thrill. Just waiting for the Darkest Hour doing nothing was too boring.
short.story  fantasy  death 
4 days ago by alclaexman
<the devil> wonders if you've ever seen a moon so pale
<the devil> invites you to dance
fantasy  twitter  poetry  /favorites 
5 days ago by jonellnapper

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