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How does the Matrix API work? · Issue #193 · mapbox/support-knowledge-base
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
matrixapi  mapbox  faq 
12 days ago by yuletide
Complexity no Bar to AI -
Critics of AI risk suggest diminishing returns to computing (formalized asymptotically) means AI will be weak; this argument relies on a large number of questionable premises and ignoring additional resources, constant factors, and nonlinear returns to small intelligence advantages, and is highly unlikely. (computer science, transhumanism, AI, R)
created: 1 June 2014; modified: 01 Feb 2018; status: finished; confidence: likely; importance: 10
ratty  gwern  analysis  faq  ai  risk  speedometer  intelligence  futurism  cs  computation  complexity  tcs  linear-algebra  nonlinearity  convexity-curvature  average-case  adversarial  article  time-complexity  singularity  iteration-recursion  magnitude  multiplicative  lower-bounds  no-go  performance  hardware  humanity  psychology  cog-psych  psychometrics  iq  distribution  moments  complement-substitute  hanson  ems  enhancement  parable  detail-architecture  universalism-particularism  neuro  ai-control  environment  climate-change  threat-modeling  security  theory-practice  hacker  academia  realness  crypto  rigorous-crypto  usa  government 
13 days ago by nhaliday
FAQs about Comma - The Perl 6 IDE
Why is the parser based on the Perl 6 grammar rather than being the Perl 6 grammar itself?
The main reason is that the Perl 6 grammar can happily reject invalid programs (in fact, that's part of its job), whereas a parser serving an IDE needs to accept every program and try to recover in the face of malformed code, which it will be faced with nearly all of the time as the developer types and edits. We also did some things, such as expression parsing, a bit differently, to fit better with the way an IDEA parser is expected to work. Further, since we can't assume we have a perfect parse of dependencies, but should try to show some reasonable highlighting anyway, we apply some heuristics to differentiate type and routine in that case. Finally, we don't try to run `BEGIN`-time code, which a real Perl 6 parser would.
Perl6  IDE  Comma  FAQ 
14 days ago by snearch
How to fix a Google Pixel 2 problem on frozen or unresponsive display (easy steps)
Press and hold down the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously for about 7 to 8 seconds or until the phone vibrates, restarts and boots back up to a full working condition.
power  volume  button  pixel  google  xl  reset  faq 
20 days ago by bekishore
What is the Average Life Span of an AC Unit? -
RT hvac FAQ: What is the average life span of an AC unit?
HVAC  FAQ  from twitter
20 days ago by CHCP

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