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Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet | The New Yorker
More speech is the solution, but not without end. Free speech, I must reluctantly conclude, must have some rules to allow the largest group possible to participate and effectively self-police.
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6 days ago by despicablejay
RT : Red for Māori place names, blue for non-Māori. !
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12 days ago by tonyandrewmeyer
Stock vs Bond returns in the very long term
the best-performing four percent of listed companies explain the net gain for the entire U.S. stock market since 1926, as other stocks collectively matched Treasury bills.
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7 weeks ago by mritter
Toilet training age varies so much parents should forget anxiety - The Washington Post
As an anthropologist, I’ve been studying child-rearing practices around the world for 25 years. Living with my husband (writer Philip Graham) in small villages in the rain forest of West Africa for extended periods convinced me that we humans are a resilient species, able to thrive in so many distinctive settings. Discovering the incredible diversity of ways to raise children inspired us to rethink and change some of our own family’s child-rearing practices (around bed-sharing, independence and household tasks, for instance).
8 weeks ago by hoboyobo

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