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“I make a point of staying right at the edge of poverty. I don't have a pair of pants without a hole in them, and the only pair of boots I have are on my feet. I don't mess around with unnecessary stuff, so I don't need much money.  I believe it's meant to be that way.  There's a 'struggle' you have to go through, and if you make a lot of money it doesn't make the 'struggle' go away.  It just makes it more complicated. If you keep poor, the struggle is simple“.
59 minutes ago by maoxian
From Rimowa to Away: How luggage got so hip — Quartzy

“Travel is the new currency, and millennials are the driving force here,” Napoli said. “They’re willing to pay for an experience more than a product. But you need luggage to have that experience.”

Stripping out the buzzwords, it's still a clever marketing position to sell into the fantasy.
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Jonathan Daniel Pryce | Journal
Jonathan Daniel Pryce and I are walking around a three-bedroom apartment in New Oxford Street’s Centre Point. Beneath our feet lies Soho, and beyond it a stunning vista of the capital city which has helped him become an award-winning photographer of high fashion and street style.
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"In 2015, Kelly Slater (11 time World Surf League Champion) and John Moore started Outerknown, a sustainable menswear brand established to create a connection between style and sustainability. [...] clothing that not only reflects our style but also our values."

Belongs to Kering Group.

In August 2018 started a new line called S.E.A. JEANS (Social and Environmental Accountability), a new category for the brand using 100% organic cotton from leading mills Candiani & ISKO and manufactured by Saitex .

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yesterday by eocas
Looking For U — Teeth Magazine
Editorials — 14.11.16
Photographer: Natalie McKain
Stylist: Brigitte Hill
Makeup: Hope O’Connor
Models: Arabella Cooke and Leaf Leora
hair  fashion  model 
yesterday by rgl7194
Well Spent.
Well Spent features affordable, on-trend mens clothing and accessories that are made in the USA, or similar first world conditions.
ethical  clothing  fashion  sustainability 
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Watch KENZO and Karen O's alt-fashion film YO! MY SAINT | HUNGER TV
A three-prongned artistic endeavour “Yo! My Saint”; an original nine-minute short directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, with music by powerhouse frontwoman Karen O (and guest vocals from Michael Kiwanuka).
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