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Jourdan Dunn - Wikipedia
Jourdan Sherise Dunn (born 3 August 1990) is an English fashion model and actress. She was discovered in Hammersmith Primark in 2006[2] and signed to Storm Model Management in London shortly thereafter. She began appearing on international runways in early 2007.[3] In February 2008, she was the first black model to walk a Prada runway in over a decade.
JourdanDunn  Fashion  Models  Modelling  BlackBritish  Grenada  Wikipedia 
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How To Dress For The Gym - AskMen
Some practical advice for dressing for the gym, from AskMen.
Gym  Fashion  Clothing  Men'sFashion  AskMen  Advice  Equipment  Gear  Etiquette  Rules 
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at ! propose you the new Workshop "Digital Pattern Making & Laser Cu…
Fashion  OpenSource  from twitter_favs
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FashionTechnologies services, IOT & industry 4.0 consultancy, innovation trend analysis. We’re an innovation accelerator house, creating the future of material interaction and experience design. Our team has a strong focus on interdisciplinary design thinking as well business development and manufacturing processes.
fashioningtech  fashion  tech  powerhouse  blog  company 
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A-Z of Hair - YouTube
The language of hair is universal. Anybody, anywhere can understand when you're making a statement. Styl"e it, dye it, or cut it, your hair is your biggest chance to leave an impression. What are you going to say?

Under the direction of artistic duo, Partel Oliva, with music by Lafawndah, the A-Z of Hair is a multidimensional look at how people utilize our most accessible (yet most powerful) tool for personal empowerment and self expression.

Directed By: Partel Oliva"
partelolivia  video  hair  fashion  vocabulary  via:fantasylla 
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Normcore - Wikipedia
Menocore Edit
A variation on this concept for women has been called menocore, after menopause.[15] Designer brands associated with this style of dressing since the 1980s include Eileen Fisher and Donna Karan. It is loose, comfortable clothing, usually in light or neutral colors, that fits a variety of informal social situations, from teaching to waitressing to eating lunch in a restaurant. The style suggests that the wearer is mature and self-confident, that she is not seeking attention from men, and that she has leisure time and wealth. Because of these associations, it has class connotations and can be stereotyped as a dressing style a thin, white woman who is middle-aged or older and already wealthy enough that she does not need the kind of lucrative employment that would require wearing either a more formal style of clothing or a work uniform.[15] The style may be adopted by women outside the stereotype as an aspirational style, to suggest that they wish to eventually attain the financial security, leisure, and other lifestyle elements available to older, wealthier white women.[15]
fashion  culture  culturalstudies  feminism 
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