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Poverty and Obesity in the U.S.
The poorer you are and the worse the poverty rate in your area, the more like it is that you are or will become fat.
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2 days ago by moose
Recipes - Sonoma County Poultry
liberty farms - supplier for ritz carlton
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16 days ago by pegasus505
It's a really excellent report I used in my response to Deirdre Mulligan at *
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21 days ago by Surliminal
Weighty Matters: Why I Still Have Issues With Set Point Theory And Weight Regain
"That's not to say metabolic adaptation doesn't exist. It most certainly does. Metabolic adaptation is the catch-all term that refers to the very real fact that weight loss leads to a decrease in resting metabolism, a decrease in the thermic effect of meals (the cost of metabolizing what you eat), decreased energy cost of physical activity, and to changes to hunger hormones which in turn might well lead you to eat more. In general this also leads to the very real fact that weight loss is far from linear and that it usually stops sooner than expected or desired."

(But then he goes back to "weight gain happens because people go back to bad habits," something I've yet to see solid proof of.
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21 days ago by moose
Addressing Medicine’s Bias Against Patients Who Are Overweight. | Obesity | JAMA | JAMA Network
The overwhelming evidence is that by recommending weight loss to your patient in a primary care appointment, when that’s not what they’re there for, does not help them,” he said. “It’s potentially doing harm. Patients who are obese are avoiding that follow-up appointment because they didn’t lose weight, and they said they were going to.”
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22 days ago by moose
Are Fat Cells Forever? - The New York Times
The number of them does not go down, because if they die they're replaced.

This leads to a theory that adds to the mystery of why people regain weight after they lose.
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22 days ago by moose
Weighty Matters: Check Your Privilege Before Talking About Health And Personal Responsibility
Blaming people for their weight ignores the realities that real people have to live with. Just because they aren't real for you doesn't mean those people are "making excuses."
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22 days ago by moose

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