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Metabolic impact of protein feeding prior to moderate-intensity treadmill exercise in a fasted state: a pilot study | Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition | Full Text
25g casein protein consumed fasted 30 minutes before treadmill cardio exercise at 60% reserve heart rate resulted in more fat burn in 11 young men.

Better than 25g of maltodextrin.

2018 study.
fat  weight  loss  exercise  workout  study 
3 days ago by dandv
Obesity as disease: Metaphysical and ethical considerations - ScienceDirect
Calling obesity a disease promotes stigma and continues to place the issue on the individual, not the population as a whole.
fat  sociology  medicine  ethics 
15 days ago by moose
Build muscle and burn fat │ BTL Emsculpt
New FDA approved electrostimulation device to shock your stomach into fitness...
electrostimulation  weight  loss  muscle  fat  reduction  exercise  medicine  health 
16 days ago by asteroza
Low-carb diet: does cutting carbs really help keep weight off? - Vox
A good explanation of the latest study about low-carbing, which tried to look at the insulin-carb-fat theory. The results are, unsurprisingly, iffy.

(via freedhoff)
dieting  low-carb  fat  research 
22 days ago by moose
Impact of diet on prostate cancer: a review | Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
dietary fat and prostate cancer
looks to me like the correlation studies in humans are inconclusive
prostate  cancer  fat 
25 days ago by brentfarwick

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