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Seiji | IKEA
イケブラなう (@ IKEA 立川 in 立川市, 東京都)
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3 days ago by k3c
Break Facebook’s Power and Renew Journalism | The Nation
I have a piece out with @thenation that argues we should make Facebook and Google pay for public service journalism
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4 days ago by dmensing
Complying With New Privacy Laws and Offering New Privacy Protections to Everyone, No Matter Where You Live | Facebook Newsroom
Facebook detailed a new consent tree, which is going into place to help comply with GDPR. The process makes some options more clear, and unsurprisingly, makes the path of least resistance favorable to a static environment for Facebook (which some took issue with
We continue to believe the level of uproar around data privacy is exponentially higher in the press than it is with Facebook users, and that the ultimate impact to usage will be quite modest. This does not mean there will be no impact, but we believe most people will quickly click through the options and continue to use Facebook in the same way they always have. Importantly, we do not believe this because we think Facebook users are gullible morons, as is implied by much of the press. We believe it because we think most people understand the implicit exchange when using Facebook, and they're perfectly fine with it! They CHOOSE to use Facebook because a) they like it, and b) they don't think their profile is critical to the survival of the human race.
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4 days ago by shrinkingbundle
【財務次官セクハラ疑惑】テレビ朝日コメント「自らの身を守るために会話の録音」「要請を受けて録音の一部も提供」(1/2ページ) - 産経ニュース
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5 days ago by k3c

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