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Electronic toymaker VTech settles for $650,000 with FTC over children’s privacy suit - The Verge
Shannon Liao, reporting for The Verge:

The Federal Trade Commission said today that the electronic toymaker VTech Electronics has agreed to settle for a fine of $625,000, to be paid within the next seven days, after charges that it violated children’s privacy. The Hong Kong-based VTech is also the parent company of LeapFrog, a popular brand for educational entertainment for children.

The FTC alleges that VTech collected “personal information of hundreds of thousands of children” through its KidiConnect mobile app “without providing direct notice and obtaining their parent’s consent.” The personal information included children’s first and last names, email addresses, date of birth, and genders. VTech also allegedly stated in its privacy policy that such data would be encrypted, but did not actually encrypt any of it. […]

The settlement dates back to the 2015 data breach that VTech suffered. By November 2015, about 2.25 million parents had registered and created accounts on VTech’s platform for almost 3 million children. At the same time, VTech was informed by media that a hacker had accessed its computer network and children’s personal information.

$625K is a slap on the wrist for a company with billions of dollars in annual revenue.

january 2018 by andrlik
A Look at NetNewsWire 4 — The Brooks Review
On September 3rd, Black Pixel announced that NetNewsWire 4 was out. I didn’t even bother to try it before buying the iPhone and Mac version and making the switch over to it. And then on September 6th I got fed up and switched back to FeedWrangler. This is a story of why.
NetNewsWire  FeedWrangler 
may 2016 by arnow
Tears Of The 21st Century | MORNING, COMPUTER
Watched INTERSTELLAR over the weekend, and was struck once again by the emotional pitch of our popular arts at the moment. I sometimes wonder if people in the future will look back at what we’ve made over these first fifteen years of the 21st Century and ask, why is everyone crying all the time?

And then I think, maybe they’ll look at the culture surrounding this period, and perhaps will add, well, it’s no wonder everyone in their films and tv shows is crying all the time.
october 2015 by andrlik
We Never Should Have Taught The Pandas How To Fly
The pandas took to the skies as they took to few other things in their existence, and their own gut microbes were an integral to producing biofuel. The combination made them an unstoppable force — and they took back more than their habitat. Concept art by Steve Chinhsuan Wang.

april 2015 by andrlik
Ways To Beat A Creative Block | MORNING, COMPUTER
Suffering a creative block may simply mean that the thing you’re focussed on working on just isn’t ready to be worked on yet.  Do something else. Write some letters/emails and trick yourself into writing a tumblr post or something afterwards.  Make a meal you’ve never made before.  Make a mixtape or whatever your preferred digital version of that is.  Go to ªª andºº use the little reload button in the bottom left corner until you hit something that has meaning for you.  Turn off the internet, turn off the television, read a book, listen to music, let yourself get bored and empty.  Put away what you’re working on right now and lock it in a drawer for two weeks.  Invite your most brilliant friend over, kill them, find and eat their adrenal glands and then wear their skin as a shamanic cloak until the next full moon.  Strap cats to every part of your body and tell everyone your new name is Pussy Fang Dervish.  If you live in a city, go to nature.  If you live in nature, go to a city.  Buy a cheap notebook and write down every stupid idea you’ve ever had.  And then write down the five most important things you want to achieve once the block is broken.  And then stand up, remind yourself that your name is Pussy Fang Dervish and you can do anything, and then go and give it another try.

And good luck!  This, too, will pass.


(Written in answer to a Tumblr ask.)

MORNING COMPUTER is hosted by Media Temple, and thank god they make it so easy, because nothing else has been this month.

march 2015 by andrlik
Document Moved
Successful freelancers need to charge at least double the hourly rate that they'd be happy earning doing full time work. (In many fields, it's more like 4 or 5x).

And they need to spend at least half their time getting better at their craft (and helping the market understand and appreciate what they do).

Your mileage may vary, but one sure route to becoming an unhappy freelancer is charging just enough and hoping that the low price will keep you busy all the time. 

[If you're a freelancer with a career or marketing question, I'm recording a course on this topic and will be including reader questions as part of it. The form is open until tomorrow, Monday, at midnight. Thanks.]

march 2015 by andrlik

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