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Can Your Kids Afford to Inherit the Family Cottage?
Omg this chart

— Felix Salmon (@felixsalmon) July 21, 2018
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july 2018 by galletto
Really interesting thread on how vegetarianism isn’t always sustainable or environmentally friendly, vs meat-eating.

— Felix Salmon (@felixsalmon) June 13, 2018
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june 2018 by galletto
Felix Salmon on Twitter: "Surely the most bonkers bit of street design in Manhattan, if not all of NYC… "
Surely the most bonkers bit of street design in Manhattan, if not all of NYC

— Felix Salmon (@felixsalmon) March 25, 2018
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march 2018 by galletto
Activist Jane Jacobs Won Historic Battles. How Did She Lose the War?
"As an activist, Jacobs was hyper-local: All three of her successful campaigns were against proposals that would have directly affected her tiny neighborhood. The fact that she saved the Village is undoubtedly good, but she failed to prevent massive Robert Moses projects as nearby as the Lower East Side, just a short walk away on the other side of Manhattan...
Jacobs’ Greenwich Village is a pleasant and prosperous human-scaled neighborhood now, as are many other areas in cities like London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. But if you go to any of the cities that are growing fastest today, be they in China or India or Nigeria, almost none of them are being built according to Jacobs’ precepts. We know the harm that identical rows of high-rise housing towers can cause, and yet those towers are still being erected, around the world, at a rate that would make Robert Moses blush.
Once again, where the people being negatively affected have no real voice, they can be—and generally are—utterly ignored, expected to raise their families in areas that are clearly gruesome and out of scale, with precious little walkability, street life, or community. Jacobs has given us the vocabulary to diagnose what’s wrong, but she didn’t give us any kind of playbook to prevent it from happening on a systemic scale."
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may 2017 by arosner
‏@michaelbd: I love @felixsalmon “Damn you, for not chaining yourself to this economic misery-making, unaccountable government.”
“What's so great about Salmon's lament is that he asks everyone to judge the EU by the good intentions of founders, not its dismal record.”

“The bright side is that dismantling the EU dismantles the nationalism wracking it. Farage is likely finished now.”
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june 2016 by cbearden
The tragedy of Cooper Union | Fusion
"Annals of Incompetence: How one of America’s last free colleges screwed its students and betrayed its legacy"
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september 2015 by robertogreco

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