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The Women in My Family Had to Be Good With Money
In my experience, I have noticed that men rarely steal women’s dreams by forbidding them outright. Instead, they take our dreams slowly, over time, by urging us to be practical, by appealing to common sense. Like sand irritating an oyster, they wear you down. Only, instead of eventually producing a thing of beauty – a pearl – they remove your sheen and leave nothing but grit.
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23 hours ago by cmananian
Feminists have slowly shifted power. There’s no going back | Rebecca Solnit | Opinion | The Guardian
Something had shifted. What’s often overlooked is that it had shifted beforehand so that this could happen. Something invisible had made it possible for these highly visible upheavals and transformations. People often position revolution and incrementalism as opposites, but if a revolution is something that changes things suddenly, incrementalism often lays the groundwork that makes it possible. Something happens suddenly, and that’s mistaken for something happening out of the blue. But out of the blue usually means out of the things that most people were not paying attention to, out of the slow work done by somebody or many somebodies out of the limelight for months or years or decades.
4 days ago by isaacsmith
RT : My PhD thesis is now available & free to download for everyone interested in , in . Defe…
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How Men And Women Differ When Drawing Up The 'Perfect Body'
pretty directly refutes the notion that women are trying to live up to a body image imposed by a patriarchal society - does it make any sense that women's vision of an ideal body is very different from men's if they were truly trying to live up to the male ideal?
4 days ago by rdormer
FAQ - Intersectional Feminism for Beginners
What is feminism?
What are some of the different types of feminism?
What’s the difference between Black feminism and womanism?
What Does “Intersectionality” Mean?
Why is intersectionality important in feminism?
How can I make my feminism more intersectional?
Should I call myself an “intersectional feminist”?
-       I’m not a Black woman / Black non-binary person. Why do you say I can’t call myself an intersectional feminist?
-       What about non-Black women of colour?
-       You say I’m not allowed to call myself an “intersectional feminist” because I’m not a Black woman / Black non-binary person. But I do face multiple oppressions / But I do want my feminism to be inclusive. Am I not supposed to be intersectional?
Is intersectionality for everyone?
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5 days ago by Quercki

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