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lydy | The Rules: A Memo for Every Man in My Life
If you truly want challenging conversations where people tell you things that you have never heard, before, the very first thing you must do is shut the fuck up.
feminism  diversity  harassment 
17 hours ago by missmaverick
You should’ve asked | Emma
The issue: Women who take on the major role of managing household chores, and men who are willing to help and think they do half the work, but only do things when asked.

First comment? But what about the mens?!
comic  feminism  gender 
21 hours ago by moose
Why the Woman Who Does Not Require Validation from Anyone Is the Most Feared Individual On the Planet | HuffPost UK
One of my favorite quotes: The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.
mohadesa-najumi  gender-inequality  feminism  huffington-post 
2 days ago by yolandaenoch
Only white women need abortions. The rest of us have voodoo/ancient/herbal magic so reproductive rights don't matter to us. : GenderCritical
Interesting that in an age where everyone loves to list every quality about themselves from having an unusual haircut (aka "queer") to being near-sighted or a picky eater in their personal lists of axes of oppression...
that apparently EVERY white woman has zero accompanying axes. No white women allowed entry to the "intersectionality club" no matter if they are a poverty-stricken, disabled, elderly lesbian...
(Yet of course a middle aged wealthy straight white dude can triply-qualify as a "woman, trans, and lesbian".)
I do think there are major issues of racism and obliviousness within feminism, but the "white feminist" current mainstream trend is hard to view as a serious effort to combat this. I agree with others who see the undertones (or overtones sometimes) of the classic MRA idea of female oppression not existing in western society. Even men who are not out spouting full-throated MRA ideology, just your "everyday" guys are often very keen on this idea. It is also prevalent among conservative women of the "I don't need feminism because..." type. And white liberal women eat it up and spew it themselves as a chance for virtue signalling and self-flagellation. Very rarely have I seen concrete activism for PoC on the part of these white liberal women to go along with these verbal professions of virtue. I have seen once a black woman saying explicitly that "whiteness cancels out femaleness" but I'm not sure that's a common view. I would think it'd be hard for a black woman to feel that way if she herself has ever experienced rape, pregnancy, birth, etc - like how could you literally think all of that gets cancelled out with a certain skin color. Attenuation of rates of certain things sure, but totally cancelled out is some magical thinking. And a very weird way of pretending black women and white women are so fundamentally different in such a basic biological way?
Anyway for the most part I think it is clearly a thin-veiled denial of sex-based oppression in itself. A white women has nothing to complain about if she is only a woman. Sex-based oppression only magically appears when in combo with a second axis (and only in the absence of whiteness; no number of additional axes can cancel out white female privilege).
feminism  white_women  woc  intersectionality  discussions 
2 days ago by paniedejmirade

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