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White feminists attack Carnival culture, criticize John Boyega for wining at Notting Hill | AFROPUNK
White feminists continue to embarrass themselves. After Star Wars actor John Boyega posted a video of him grinding with a woman at a Caribbean celebration in London last weekend, feministas of the alabaster complexion rushed to denounce his actions as “demeaning” to women
JohnBoyega  Carnival  NottingHillCarnival  StarWars  Feminism  Afropunk  Dance  Culture 
15 hours ago by dk33per
Shakesville: I've Never Seen It
One of the most frustrating and unhelpful responses I get when trying to discuss nuances of social justice, often from people who argue vehemently that they are "on my side" and supporting me, is "I've never seen it." It is frequently coupled with "I mean, I believe you, but I just haven't ever seen it." There are a whole lot of things that bother me about this response, but here are the ones that really get to me.
feminism  social-justice 
17 hours ago by ebel
Why do women still earn a lot less than men?
Contrary to popular belief, it is not because employers pay women less than men for doing the same jobs. According to data from 25 countries, gathered by Korn Ferry, a consultancy, women earn 98% of the wages of men who are in the same roles at the same employers. Women, however, outnumber men in lower-tier jobs, such as secretarial and administrative roles, whereas men predominate in senior positions. And women cluster in occupations and industries that pay lower salaries overall. Primary-school teachers in the OECD, for example, earn nearly 20% less than the average for university graduates. In the European Union nearly 70% of working women are in occupations where at least 60% of employees are female. In America, the four jobs done by the biggest numbers of women—teacher, nurse, secretary and health aide—are all at least 80% female.
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The main reason why women are less likely than men to reach higher-level positions is that they are their children’s primary carers. In eight countries polled by The Economist and YouGov earlier this year, 44-75% of women with children living at home said they had scaled back at work after becoming mothers—by working fewer hours or by switching to a less demanding job, such as one requiring less travel or overtime. Only 13-37% of fathers said they had done so,
22 hours ago by MicrowebOrg
Julian Assange 🔹 on Twitter: "Women, I will let you in on a male secret. Men know that constantly self-proclaiming male 'feminists' are often predatory sleaze bags. They…"
Women, I will let you in on a male secret. Men know that constantly self-proclaiming male 'feminists' are often predatory sleaze bags. They are intensely disliked by other men because of their manipulative qualities and not, in general, because they are viewed to be sex traitors.
yesterday by pankkake
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: The Thot Who Cried Wolf (TFM 42O)
'They won't give up until every man goes MGTOW. -- France to impose instant fines for street harassment of women' -- "If you're in the bottom 80% of men, it's illegal for you to talk to women because you're just not attractive enough."
men  women  hypergamy  gynocentrism  feminism  illiberalism 
yesterday by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: MGTOW: Capitalism & Compassion
'A response video to a critique video regarding Capitalism, and how the ease and wealth created by Capitalism can lead to numerous negative outcomes for a society, not the least of which is gynocentrism.'
rkselectiontheory  "capitalism"  statism  socialism  feminism  gynocentrism  parasitism  welfare  pathologicalaltruism 
yesterday by adamcrowe
What's so funny about a men's rights debate?
Some eye opening statistics there - cancer, suicide, assault, murder, homelessness, unemployment, and addiction really *are* men's issues

"There are many different factors causing issues like these, but one thing unites them all. We’re not so concerned about addressing these issues because we’re collectively more tolerant of the harm that happens to men and boys."
feminism  stats 
2 days ago by rdormer

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