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How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique (Example Included)
If you want to cut your study time, using the Feynman Technique is a great way to do it. Named after the physicist Richard Feynman, it revolves around explai...
video  ★★★☆☆  Feynman  learning  teaching 
23 days ago by thespacedoctor
Feynman-The Uncertainty of Science
Inspiration. Today's takeaway is "science is hard, like really hard." (Aug 30 2017)
feynman  science 
29 days ago by gideonite
Feynman Problem-Solving Algorithm – Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything
I often think of the Feynman Problem-Solving Algorithm, supposedly coined in jest by another Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Murray Gell-Mann, about Richard Feynman‘s innate problem-solving ability:

Write down the problem.
Think very hard.
Write down the answer.
feynman  algorithm 
5 weeks ago by hellsten
Feynman Algorithm (2014) | Hacker News
There's a quote under "Skill theory" on that page from Feynman:
> "Right. I don't believe in the idea that there are a few peculiar people capable of understanding math, and the rest of the world is normal. Math is a human discovery, and it's no more complicated than humans can understand. I had a calculus book once that said, 'What one fool can do, another can.' What we've been able to work out about nature may look abstract and threatening to someone who hasn't studied it, but it was fools who did it, and in the next generation, all the fools will understand it. There's a tendency to pomposity in all this, to make it deep and profound." -- Feynman, Omni 1979
feynman  math  problem  problem-solving  algori 
5 weeks ago by hellsten
Fermat's Library | The Uncertainty of Science annotated/explained version.
Fermat's Library | The Uncertainty of Science annotated/explained version. #RichardFeynman
epistemology  uncertainty  science  Richard  Feynman  RichardFeynman 
5 weeks ago by Michael.Massing

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