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OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size or even a web site. see about site hosting.
filesharing  privacy  opensource  encryption  security 
7 days ago by masukomi
lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size.
filesharing  encryption 
7 days ago by bjtitus
FileSend | Simple, encrypted file sharing.
FileSend is a free, secure file sharing service that encrypts files with client-side AES-256 encryption and does not log IP addresses. Files are permanently deleted from our servers on download or after specified duration.
encryption  filesharing  tools  upload  secure 
20 days ago by Seumas
Hotline Wiki
Hotline Wiki is a collaboration of everyone on the Hotline community. We intend to document everything Hotline, from servers that made history, protocol and community information and history to current servers, latest news and developments, as well as to provide useful information to newcomers getting started with Hotline, including how to start and run their own server.
wiki  resources  filesharing  server 
4 weeks ago by mikael
Pitbull Pro
A modern remake for windows of the original Pitbull Pro (the best Hotline Client) from the old MacOS9 days with many new powerful features and many fixes such as ability to share files over 4GB in is size and Encryption.
filesharing  software  history  freeware 
4 weeks ago by mikael
Pitbull Server
A Hotline compatible server with many advanced features including ability to host trackers and create custom commands and .htaccess style rule sets it also has encryption and fixes the 4GB limit of Hotline file view/download/upload (Needs a compatible client such as Pitbull Pro).
history  filesharing  software  freeware  server 
4 weeks ago by mikael
Move your files around the web with high-performance file transfer service that secured with blockchain technology.
filesharing  dropbox 
6 weeks ago by ftofani
How one teenager took out a secure Pentagon file sharing site
But what Cable found in the DoD’s secure filing system stood out. He discovered a vulnerability known as an “insecure direct object reference,” which involves brute forcing reference numbers in the URL to access different files without authentication.
army  cybersecurity  filesharing  dod 
6 weeks ago by bwiese
Share any file fast and private over blockchain technology.
tools  filesharing  dropbox 
7 weeks ago by locuna

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