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Dateiserver lässt sich per AFP aktivieren, aber nicht per SMB - Apple Support
Die SMB 3-Sicherheitsvoraussetzungen verhindern möglicherweise, dass Sie ein Gruppenvolume per SMB aktivieren.
smbx  osxserver  kbase  smb  support  osxserver5  apple  reference  filesharing  smb3  afp  howto 
5 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
FTP to MAMP localhost on macOS –
On macOS Sierra, running local servers via MAMP, and wanting to connect to servers using my FTP client. Yes, I know I can copy files into localhost via Finder, but I have my reasons.

Go System Preferences => Sharing.
Enable Remote Login.
You will see:

Remote Login: On
To log in to this computer remotely, type “ssh”.

In your FTP client, create a new SFTP connection with the settings:

User Name: username
Password: your user password for the system
The connection will dump you into the user folder
troubleshoot  tutorial  mamp  macosx  sierra  filesharing  filezilla  ftp 
9 days ago by Mumra2k
Upspin · Upspin
safe, secure, and sharable way that makes it easy to discover what you’ve got and who you’ve shared it with
filesharing  selfhosted  opensource  go  filehosting 
18 days ago by jshwlkr
Send up to 2GB
No registration
It's free
useful  free  filesharing  email  tools  online 
19 days ago by yankeh
Transferring files from Kali to Windows (post exploitation)
Often times on an engagement I find myself needing to copy a tool or a payload from my Kali linux attack box to a compromised Windows machine. As a perfect example, on a recent pentest, I found a vulnerable ColdFusion server and was able to upload a CFM webshell. It was a very limited, non-interactive shell and I wanted to download and execute a reverse Meterpreter binary from my attack machine. I generated the payload with Veil but needed a way to transfer the file to the Windows server running ColdFusion through simple commands.

I'm putting this post together as a "cheat sheet" of sorts for my favorite ways to transfer files.
kali  windows  pentest  filesharing 
20 days ago by whip_lash
Apaxy: A simple, customisable Apache directory theme
Apaxy is a customisable theme built to enhance the experience of browsing web directories. It uses the mod_autoindex Apache module—and some CSS—to override the default style of a directory listing.
View the GitHub repo:
apache  directory-view  download  filehosting  filesharing  htaccess 
4 weeks ago by thot
Firefox Send
Encrypt and send files with a link that automatically expires to ensure your important documents don’t stay online forever.
security  filesharing  firefox  网盘  安全  私密 
4 weeks ago by scopex
A really slick service for sharing files. Sign up with a password and get a link you can add multiple files to and share with someone else to download. I have no idea what the security is like, so I'm not using it for anything sensitive, but if you want to share a few large files with someone, this is great.
5 weeks ago by ttscoff

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