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Cleaning up sensitive files: How to sanitise storage – The Eclectic Light Company
The most common reason for wanting to clean up sensitive files on internal or external storage is when you’re going to sell or give your Mac (or drive) away. If it’s going for recycling, the issue is quite different: I will consider that in a future article here.

Before you even think about how to clean these files up, you must know what they contain, and what risk they would pose if someone else were to be able to view them. Governments and large organisations use security classification systems, and you should think in similar terms:
MacOS  filesystem  security 
yesterday by euler
OpenEBS - Open source storage platform for containers
An open source storage platform that provides persistent and containerized block storage for DevOps and container environments.
storage  Kubernetes  Docker  opensource  golang  filesystem 
3 days ago by liqweed
Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split
unix  history  filesystem 
5 days ago by summerwind
How To: Configuring Bootable RAID1 with mdadm
Using mdadm to create a software level RAID1 for boot and root partitions
linux  raid  filesystem  administration 
13 days ago by DirkR

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