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GVfs - Wikipedia
GVfs (abbreviation for GNOME Virtual file system) is GNOME's userspace virtual filesystem designed to work with the I/O abstraction of GIO, a library available in GLib since version 2.15.1. It installs several modules that are automatically used by applications using the APIs of libgio. There is also FUSE support that allows applications not using GIO to access the GVfs filesystems.
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2 days ago by ezequiel
Modd - Flexible developer tool that runs processes and responds to filesystem changes
Modd is a developer tool that triggers commands and manages daemons in response to filesystem changes.

If you use modd, you should also look at devd, a compact HTTP daemon for developers. Devd integrates with modd, allowing you to trigger in-browser livereload with modd.
development  tools  build  golang  filesystem 
13 days ago by liqweed
mpartel/bindfs: Mount a directory elsewhere with changed permissions.
bindfs is a FUSE filesystem for mirroring a directory to another directory, similarly to mount --bind. The permissions of the mirrored directory can be altered in various ways.
fuse  filesystem 
13 days ago by schnouki
Features | Data Version Control · DVC
DVC runs on top of any Git repository and is compatible with any standard Git server or provider (GitHub, GitLab, etc). Data file contents can be shared by network-accessible storage or any supported cloud solution. DVC offers all the advantages of a distributed version control system — lock-free, local branching, and versioning.

Storage agnostic
Use Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Aliyun OSS, SSH/SFTP, HDFS, HTTP, network-attached storage, or rsync to store data. The list of supported remote storage is constantly expanding.

The single 'dvc repro' command reproduces experiments end-to-end. DVC guarantees reproducibility by consistently maintaining a combination of input data, configuration, and the code that was initially used to run an experiment.
DVC  reflinks  files  data  filesystem 
16 days ago by euler
Reflinks vs symlinks vs hard links, and how they can help machine learning projects - By David Herron
Hard links and symbolic links have been available since time immemorial, and we use them all the time without even thinking about it. In machine learning projects they can help us, when setting up new experiments, to rearrange data files quickly and efficiently in machine learning projects. However, with traditional links, we run the risk of polluting the data files with erroneous edits. In this blog post we’ll go over the details of using links, some cool new stuff in modern file systems (reflinks), and an example of how DVC (Data Version Control, leverages this.
filesystem  reflinks  APFS  links 
16 days ago by euler - Google Search
Search results for `` just to see if anything interesting is happening with macOS filesystem tags 🤷🏻‍♂️
search  macos  filesystem  metadata  tagging  tag  attributes  extended  xattrs  files 
18 days ago by emory

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