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The financial scandal no one is talking about | News | The Guardian
Accountancy used to be boring – and safe. But today it’s neither. Have the ‘big four’ firms become too cosy with the system they’re supposed to be keeping in check?
corruption  economics  finance  capitalism 
5 hours ago by kmt
The DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained
The Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule expanded the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), but was vacated by a Federal Appeals Court for being "unreasonable."
finance  law 
yesterday by bradbarrish
Rente mit 40? Frugalismus als Lebensmodell – Minimalismus21
Michael lebt schon immer relativ sparsam und minimalistisch. Deshalb stand ihm sogar zu Studentenzeiten trotz wenig Arbeit stets ausreichend Geld zur Verfügung. Im Laufe der Jahre hat er sich dennoch gefragt, warum Menschen mit dem Drei- oder Vierfachen seines Einkommens oft Geldprobleme aufweisen.
finance  independece  minimalism  money  saving 
yesterday by kogakure
Finanzielle Freiheit: Wie man durch weniger Konsum dem Hamsterrad entkommt
Dieser Beitrag enthält Affiliate-Links, das heißt wir erhalten eine Provision, wenn du sie klickst und Produkte bestellst. Hier kannst du dir den Beitrag anhören. Mein neues Buch: Ich gönn‘ mir Freiheit – als Buch oder eBook bei amazon verfügbar.
finance  hedonic-adaptation  money  saving  stock 
yesterday by kogakure
How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money - The New York Times
Being explicit with the lessons works well. Stephanie Eras, an engineer in New Mexico, said she used the benefits package offered by her daughter’s part-time job at Panera Bread as an opportunity to discuss savings.

As an inducement for her daughter to save the maximum amount allowed in the company’s 401(k) plan, Ms. Eras matched her daughter’s contribution. She also shared stories about her father and mother, who lived frugally.

“My mom didn’t tell us, ‘You must go to college and get a good job.’ She said, ‘You need to get a job with benefits,’” Ms. Eras said. “Those lessons taught me to live within my means.”

When her daughter announced that money wouldn’t buy them happiness, Ms. Eras pointed out that although that was true, money bought the things that they needed and wanted. “I listed them,” she said.
finance  parenting 
yesterday by ramitsethi

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