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Anyone have trouble spending money on yourself? : financialindependence
My laptop is nearly dead, I've had it for six years and the keyboard and trackpad stopped working ages ago. I've still not been able to get myself a new one. The worst thing is - I work on my laptop all day! it's unbelievable.
finance  how-to-spend-money 
5 hours ago by ramitsethi
Financial Health Checklist
Make sure your business is financially healthy. Understand the most important metrics and get free income and cash flow templates.
business  money  finance 
8 hours ago by Zuph
CreditLadder | Build your credit score
Rent payments have never counted towards building your credit history, until now!
credit  finance  software  ml  UK 
13 hours ago by shalmaneser
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Robert Nau & Kevin McCardle (1991), “Arbitrage, rationality, and equilibrium”, on the relationship between rationality and the absence of arbitrage; the principle of no arbitrage is a more parsimonious alternative to axiomatic preferences and utility theory in economics, and more generally it is related to rational probabilitistic decision-making via de Finetti’s formulation of subjective probability
papers  rationality  arbitrage-theory  probability  Bayesian-probability  finance  economics 
22 hours ago by pash
TASE Site - MemberDetails - IBI
פרטי בית השקעות וחבר בורסה איביאי
israel  finance  investment 
yesterday by yevgenyd
Conseil MonFinancier Face au risque de baisse des actions, les fonds patrimoniaux sont-ils une solution ?
fonds : Moneta Long Short A, Sextant Grand Large A, Nordea 1 - Alpha 10MA Fund, HMG Rendement
finance  great 
yesterday by jcmasset

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