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Wry Society: The dress-down dilemma | How To Spend It
How will a formerly suited-and-booted banker cut it sartorially with the Shoreditch hipsters in his new job as a dotcom starter-upper?

l m a o ok
october 2018 by lundun
Why big companies squander good ideas | Financial Times
The British army and the tank, Sony and digital music players, etc. -- FT on why big companies squander good ideas
FT  financialtimes  tank  sony  british  army 
september 2018 by fraser
We need a publicly funded rival to Facebook and Google | Financial Times
"Maybe there is a more direct approach: let us build public service digital corporations that offer better services to consumers." - everything old is new again
publicservice  funding  digital  infrastructure  google  facebook  bbc  financialtimes  ft 
july 2018 by danhon

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