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Why big companies squander good ideas | Financial Times
The British army and the tank, Sony and digital music players, etc. -- FT on why big companies squander good ideas
FT  financialtimes  tank  sony  british  army 
11 days ago by fraser
We need a publicly funded rival to Facebook and Google | Financial Times
"Maybe there is a more direct approach: let us build public service digital corporations that offer better services to consumers." - everything old is new again
publicservice  funding  digital  infrastructure  google  facebook  bbc  financialtimes  ft 
10 weeks ago by danhon
Aleksandra Wisniewska
Aleksandra Wisniewska
visualization  openviz  financialTimes  guru 
may 2018 by bk
Unravelling a web of failures at UK outsourcer Carillion
Whitehall has long favoured the largest contractors, on the grounds that this increases simplicity and reduces risk. That assumption should be binned. So, too, should the identification of lowest price with lowest cost. Keeping suppliers on the lowest possible margins is a big long-term risk.
financialtimes  Carillion  government  transformation  finance  budget  contractors  outsourcing 
may 2018 by benterrett
Financial Times increases engagement with personalisation, speed
"Through a rough a series of A/B tests, we slowed the site down to see how site speed correlates to loss of engagement and revenue. Test results showed that for every one second increase in speed, our engagement score increased by 5%. In subscription and ads inventory, this translates into millions in revenue. Speed therefore became a principal element of the site."
webperf  FinancialTimes  clevermarks  news  media  revenue 
march 2018 by nhoizey

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