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Managing flash storage with Linux
Article explaining the constraints with flash storage and reviewing multiple ways of getting the best out of flash storage with Linux
linux  flash  mtd 
4 days ago by squires
BALR. GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, good, london, cars, miami, flash, ride, drive, lifestyle, dubai, baller, losangeles, supercar, bentley, goodlife, balr, lifeofabalr Giphy ______
car  good  london  cars  miami  flash  ride  drive  lifestyle  dubai  baller  losangeles  supercar  bentley  goodlife  balr  lifeofabalr  wynajem  samochody  auta 
4 days ago by architektura
Speed Class - SD Association
SD Standard for Video Recording

There are wide discrepancies in memory access speed depending on the SD memory card manufacturer and brand. Varying speeds make it difficult to make out which card can surely record streaming contents. Recording video require a constant minimum write speed to avoid 'frame drop' during recording for a smooth playback. The SD Association has defined various Speed Class standards to answer a demand for advanced video quality recording. Speed Class symbols indicated to host and card products help users decide the best combination for reliable recording (no frame drop). There are three kinds of speed indications:
SDcard  flash  SSD  performance  reference 
11 days ago by euler
Raspberry Pi microSD card performance comparison - 2019 | Jeff Geerling
The Benchmarks
If there's one thing I hate, it's blog posts that require you to read a novel before getting to the meat. Therefore, before going further, here are the 2019 benchmarks, run on a brand new Raspberry Pi 4 model B (1 GB RAM), using the official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply:
Raspi  SSD  flash  performance 
12 days ago by euler
BlueMaxima's Flashpoint
A site dedicated to preservation of Flash games
archive  emulation  flash  games  flashgames  gaming  history  indie 
17 days ago by bonuswavepilot

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