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Berkeley SoftFloat
Berkeley SoftFloat is a free, high-quality software implementation of binary floating-point that conforms to the IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic. SoftFloat is completely faithful to the IEEE Standard, while at the same time being relatively fast. All functions dictated by the original 1985 version of the standard are supported except for conversions to and from decimal. The latest release of SoftFloat implements five floating-point formats: 16-bit half-precision, 32-bit single-precis...
may 2019 by spl
nasa/PRECiSA: Program Round-off Error Certifier via Static Analysis
PRECiSA is a fully automatic analyzer for the estimation of round-off errors of floating-point valued functional expressions.
floating-point  nasa  static-analysis  haskell  rounding  errors  pvs 
may 2019 by spl
Calculating the mean of a list of numbers - Hypothesis
Calculating the mean of a list of numbers Consider the following problem:

You have a list of floating point numbers. No nasty tricks - these
aren’t NaN or Infinity, just normal “simple” floating point numbers.

Now: Calculate the mean (average). Can you do it?

It turns out this is a hard problem. It’s hard to get it even close to
right. Lets see why.

Test faster, fix more
math  floating-point 
march 2019 by synergyfactor

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